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Are Spinergy Xaero wheels junk? If not...(4 posts)

Are Spinergy Xaero wheels junk? If not...Alpine
May 19, 2001 11:38 AM
I found a Campy compatible Xaero wheelset being sold cheap ($450) in my area. In fact I've seen a lot of these wheels for sale "slightly used" over the last month especially on eBay.
Why are people unloading these things? Harse ride, too much flex, won't stay true or what? There are no reviews for the wheels on this site.
re: Are Spinergy Xaero wheels junk? If not...C
May 19, 2001 9:21 PM
I'm happy with mine so far... They ride very smooth, dampen a lot of the road vibration, they're light... I'll have a better review after a few hundred more miles, but so far so good...
re: Are Spinergy Xaero wheels junk? If not...mike mcmahon
May 19, 2001 9:28 PM
Here's a cut and paste of my answer to a similar question posed by someone else within the past day or two:

I have this low-grade sense of dread about them based on all of the negative stuff I've read about Spinergy and its customer service. In the back of my mind, I keep expecting them to go to pot on my one day in the not too distant future. ;-)
With that said, I have put well over 1000 miles on them in varying conditions and they have stood up very well. I'm 180 and they seem to hold up well under my weight. They climb like a dream. Where I really notice a difference is on rides with rolling hills, which constitute the majority of my rides. Often, I find myself staying in the big ring and standing to push my way over hills that would have had me in the little ring on my old bike with the basic 32x3 set-up. Again, part of that could be mental. On the occasions when I've ridden in a side wind, I can feel it just a bit because of the aero-section rim. However, it's not enough to affect handling; it's just slightly noticeable and is the type of thing that I assume happens with any aero rim.

IMHO, the Xaeros (like many expensive wheels) look better once you peel off the big-ol' stickers that adorn them. Mine are the black model and have a nice "stealth" look without the stickers.
re: Are Spinergy Xaero wheels junk? If not...MGS
May 20, 2001 7:33 AM
I've had mine for 1 month. They have been quiet and true, with about 500 miles on them.
I called customer service to complain about the advertised weight being 1600 grams, true weight at 1760 grams.
They offered to buy the wheels back if I wasn't satisfied.

The ride is, IMHO, just great. Absorbs minor road vibration better than my last set of wheel, and, according to Damon Rinard, has flex almost equal to the beloved Ksyriums, which is touted as being rigid.

If you check e-bay, there are dozens of wheels being offered every week by people who either
1.) use them, abuse them and sell them at ridiculous prices
2.) bike stores interested in selling items to unload inventory
3.) people unloading wheels, knowing that an out of state sale from and individual implies no required warranty backup
4.) people who buy the latest item, tire of it, and then want to dispose of it.
Apparently, there is a fair profit built into these wheels, allowing a hefty discout from MSRP.
I have seen Ksyriums and Sestrieres heavily discounted on e-bay.