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Rusty frame(3 posts)

Rusty framelikesbikes
May 17, 2001 11:48 PM
I have an old french frame, not sure of the brand or age, but the bb threads tell the story, It is a reasonalbly light frame and has decorative lugs. I believe this is a quality frame worthy of a good build up. the problem is the rust. there seems to be some rust where the paint is no longer and I question just how deep it is.

Can I safely glass bead or sand blast this frame to prep it for painting, or should I go about rust removal chemically. I also am not sure of how much pitting there might be and just how safe the frame is if it is noticeably pitted in any one place.

any thoughts?

I wouldn't bother...Greg Taylor
May 18, 2001 9:46 AM
If you have any doubt about the frame, ditch it. It is not worth risking a HUGE accident if the frame were to break.

Even if the frame were sound, you will have a real issue with parts compatability. Older French bikes are (grand generalization here) built to a spec that relies on components that are no longer generally available. Stuff like headsets and bottom brackes are sized differently. You generally cannot slap on Campy or Shimano's latest and greatest onto one of these babies.

Sheldon Brown's website has an article on "updating" older French bikes.
Probably not worth it...but it would be fun to fix it upCory
May 18, 2001 9:53 AM
Seven or eight years ago I restored my old college Peugeot from 1970, which had been sitting in the rain for about 10 years. It was more a winter project than anything else, so there was no pressure. I managed to re-use all the critical parts (just for example, the usual "1-inch" stem is 22.2mm; French stems are 22.0). I sanded it by hand, spray-painted with a can and filled the lug windows with model paint and a little brush. WAY more work than it was worth, and I've since given the bike to the Salvation Army. But it kept me off the streets...