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Any picks for the Giro?(24 posts)

Any picks for the Giro?Maillot Rouge
May 17, 2001 10:01 AM
I really think Casagrande is going to finish it off right this time. He's really starting to show some form lately and has regained his top spot in the UCI rankings.

I probably wouldn't be going out on a limb to say that Cipo is going to grab at least 2 stage wins.

Ullrich isn't going to do anything but suffer, I'm starting to think he's finished.

Any thoughts?

Gilberto SimoniJ.S.
May 17, 2001 10:22 AM
This guy has alot of class and is extremely consistent in the mountains.
I second that! (nm)rollo tommassi
May 17, 2001 10:58 AM
I third it! (nm)JBergland
May 17, 2001 12:14 PM
re: Any picks for the Giro?peloton
May 17, 2001 11:40 AM
Casadgrande. Something to prove from last year, and he has had great form lately. I would love to see Pantani or Ullrich show some form in the mountains or in the later's case maybe a TT. It will be interesting to see if this course of action for Ullrich makes him any stronger in the Tour. Cipo also has something to prove. I would think he will win at least a couple of stages as well, and maybe even try to suffer through the moutains a little to show up the Societe du TDF. Cipo has also had great form as well lately. All in all, the Giro could be the most interesting of the Grand Tours this year. Lots of contenders, versus the two horse (or even one) race in the TDF.
re: Any picks for the Giro?chrisbaby
May 17, 2001 12:29 PM
Ullrich finished? not a chance. I bet he gives lance a real run for his money this year. He's not too fat, he's competing and finishing. He's just waiting to peak. Le Tour is all that matters to him right now so expect to see him causing the suffering.
Any dark horses?Maillot Rouge
May 17, 2001 12:49 PM
What about Rebellin from Liquigas? He's in the top five of the UCI point and has been real consistent lately, not to mention Liquigas rides Wiliers.

And yes I am fishing for riders to pick for the fantasy league.

Any dark horses?Wayne
May 17, 2001 1:17 PM
Rebellin always folds in the mtns, he's only good at short stage races and one-days. He doesn't seem to have the recovery to do well in a GT. My prediction for the podium:
Di Luca

Di Luca might be something of a dark horse, his chance of making the podium I think will depend on how he rides (whether he goes for stage or KOM or decides to focus on the GC). Some other dark horses De Paoli and Sgambelluri are both top ten finishers from the past who haven't done so well the last couple of years and may make a showing. Both may get some freedom b/c the big names on their teams Pantani and Ullrich will be focused on. Not that I think either one will do anything, other than show some brief flashes of brilliance at best.
Frigo or Belli depending on how much they have to sacrifice for Casagrande, but I think Ferreti usually gives his riders free rides if they show they have the form. But I think Casagrande is the big favorite, he almost won last year with next to no team support, this year he has a super strong team, the best DS, and seems to be in as good of form as ever. Two other dark horses that will get hurt by the lack of TTs are Hruska and Gontchar.
Here is a few.J.S.
May 17, 2001 3:22 PM
1. Unai Osa, Banesto(iBanesto) He won the Tour l'avenir in "99"
and won The Classique Des Alpes one day event.
2. Andrea Noe, I believe he finished 4th overall last year.

3. Guiseppe Di Grande, Tacconi-Vini Caldirola, great climber who has had some bad luck.
GIRO Winner Contest at PerformancePaulCL
May 17, 2001 1:08 PM
Go to THey are having a contest to pick the winner of the Giro. You have to select a team of nine riders with a budget of $4000. Performance, or someone, has given each rider a dollar value (i.e. Casagrande is $1000, Pantani is $800, Gilberto Nobody is $200). Kinda of fun to form a team within a budget. You can only afford maybe two premier riders, then you have to carefully select riders that are domestiques but might have a chance for a stage win or a high overall placing.

Keep an eye out for Team Pablo (that's me) at the top!
Pretty sure you won't be near the topmr_spin
May 18, 2001 9:57 AM
No offense, but four of your guys aren't even racing the Giro! That makes it significantly harder for them to score points for you. There's still time to correct that.

And not only is your pick Fred Rodriguez not racing the Giro, he's not on Mapei anymore, either. He's on Domo-Farm Frites, who aren't doing the race.
May 18, 2001 12:46 PM
I made the assumption that the list of riders were actually going to be in the race. Damn.
My pick is CasagrandeDoubleK
May 17, 2001 2:40 PM
I think Casagrande will pull it off this year. He has the form but the difference will be his new director, Ferretti (sp?) and the team he has put together around him. No way Ullrich is toast, he is just starting to come around and is farther along than last year. I still don't think he's got the juice to take Lance out though.
Casagrande, Livingston, and Di Lucazelig1
May 18, 2001 2:31 AM
Casagrande's been riding very strongly this season. He's experienced in the Giro and has a very strong team. If he falters, his teamate Belli is also looking good. Belli's teamwork on Stage 4 in the Tour of Romandie, preserving Frigo's GC while sacrificing his own overall position, was outstanding. I discount Frigo and Rumsas as neither are good enough climbers and the former's got to be knackered after Paris-Nice and Tour of Romandie.

Simoni's form is good enough for the podium but I wonder if his team's strong enough.

Pantani, you never know and I certainly wouldn't discount a podium placing.

Garzelli- One race flash or the second coming? He hasn't shown himself this season and I wonder who will be on the team.

Salvodelli- Based on the amount of time he lost on Stage 4 of the Tour of Romandie when he was leading in GC, I wonder about both his form and the team lacks support in the climbs as Dufaux is not riding well this season.

Di Luca- Podium's a possibility if he doesn't put himself out of the race by expending too much energy, too early. I like his class although I haven't seen him race this year.

Telekom- How about Kevin Livingston for a podium placing? He's got plenty of stage race experience and can climb with the best. Ullrich isn't going for the win so Livingston will have some freedom. There's always the question of how hard Godefroot will let him ride given their focus on the Tour but the der Kaiser struggling, I like his chances.

Sprinters- I love 'cipo but Ivan Quaranta's the man who's been having 'cipo's lunch in last year's Giro with 4 stage wins.

Conclusion is Casagrande, Livingston and Di Luca, in that order.
Casagrande, Livingston, and Di Lucawayne
May 18, 2001 6:13 AM
I would be shocked if Livingston is anywhere near the podium. He's going to work for Sgambelluri and/or Guerini, but stranger things have happened. I think the 3 favorites (Casagrande, Simoni and Garzelli), also have the 3 strongest teams (maybe Telekom also), so it should be an interesting race tactically. All three of those guys should have at least two riders that can stick with them in the mtns until crunch time, and would even be able to pick up the ball if the leader drops it. That could also make for some interesting scenarios within the teams. This should be great, I can't imagine the Tour is going to be anywhere near as interesting.
May 18, 2001 8:48 AM
Well, somebody had to make the pick. But seriously, Telekom's not having a great year, except for Zabel's Milan-San Remo, and Ullrich's form isn't great despite a more serious off season program (less eating). I wouldn't write him off like many pundits as in the past he's pulled things out of the bag, late. However, as I said before, Godefroot's got to be wondering about the team's prospects in the Tour. Also, this version of the Giro is not one for the mountain goats like the last few years so I discount Guerini. Hence the pick.

I agree that Mapei (I finally read their line up and it is strong, and well balanced) and Fassa Bortolo are fielding strong teams but IMHO Lampre's not in their league despite the presence of Camenzind. Much as I like Piccoli, Sciandri (both in good form) and Missaglia, the three have not always shown a knack for race strategy and the latter two have so far produced less than expected results over their careers. Saronni's a very good manager so I don't discount his skills but he has his work cutout. That being said, Casagrande has not always ridden smart but he's enough of a stud to make the a move that sticks.

At the end of the day, I just enjoy watching the race and will undoubtedly eat massive amounts of crow at its conclusion. We'll be getting 2.5 hours a day of TV coverage in the UK, most days, so the VCR will be locked and loaded. I'll be in Milan for 5 days on holiday during the race so I'll be sitting in the cafe drinking coffee, reading La Gazzetta Dello Sport and watching the Italian TV feed while the missus shops.
No Livingstonmmaggi
May 18, 2001 8:35 AM
Trust me on this: Livingston hasn't got a chance at making the podium.

The Italian riders will see to it that an all Italian podium will prevail in Milano on June 10.

Casagrande has great shot so long as he doesn't expend himself too early and run out of gas at the end.
No Livingston or Forza Italiazelig
May 18, 2001 12:07 PM
Good to hear from you. I would note that Italian domination of the podium has only happened twice in the last 10 years and twice in the 10 years before that. Italian control of the Giro is not what it used to be in the past although I appreciate your sentiment. However, this year appears to be as good as any for a tri color sweep.

As for Casagrande, your comment applies to Di Luca as well. I love his class and watching him ride but his enthusiasm, early in the Giro, has cost him the last two years. Yet I tip him as the next great Italian stage rider as his best days are ahead.

You wouldn't be an AC Milano supporter by chance?
Livingston? No waymr_spin
May 18, 2001 9:15 AM
Don't get me wrong--I like Livingston. Maybe he'll make some noise on a stage or two, but the podium? Not possible. If anything, Guerini will be the man on Telekom, not Livingston. Not only is he Italian, but he has also won L'Alpe d'Huez.
Frigo & Verbrugghe = Darkhorse TTs/climbers (nm)longfellow
May 18, 2001 7:10 AM
NICE CALL--Verbrugghe in Pink after Prologuemike mcmahon
May 19, 2001 1:37 PM
Being the fist in pink at the Giro is a nice follow-up to his victory at Fleche Wallonne.
re: Any picks for the Giro?/shorter stages=explosive ridingTC
May 18, 2001 8:23 AM
I think that Casagrande will take it this year. It will be a great race and with only one 55k TT on stage 16 the time gaps could be tight. The course is easier this year than in years past and could favor a power climber more than the pure climber. I think that Casagrande fits both those requirements. Look for DiLuca second and somebody like Gontchar 3rd. He can climb well enough to keep in the hunt and TT great.

I'm to the point that I like watching the Giro more than the TDF anymore.

It will be an ALL ITALIAN podium in Milanommaggi
May 18, 2001 8:30 AM
Take your picks:

Casagrande, Garzelli, Simoni, Pantani, with outside chances to Gotti and DiLuca.

Pantani has been training real hard. He has something to prove to the public, his team and to the TdF organizers who excluded him from this year's race.

The best stages are 13, June 1, Montebelluna-Passo Pordoi (climbers need only apply), Stage 15, June 3, 55km crono and Stage 20, June 9, Busto Arsizio-Arona (climbers need only apply).

The obvious: the leader after stage 20 will win the Giro. The not so obvious: the winner of stage 20 could also be in the leader's jersey.
Giro Field > Tour FieldSimpleGreen
May 18, 2001 2:57 PM
The Giro looks to have the better field of riders when compared to the Tour de France. I bet the Giro will be fantastic this year. I'm looking forward to it!