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SPD pedals vs. road pedals(4 posts)

SPD pedals vs. road pedalsFausto Crossi
May 17, 2001 2:00 AM
I have a basic question: what are the advantages with "road pedals" compared to spd style pedals (on road)? Any difference between different road pedal brands (look, shimano, campagnolo etc)?

Appreciate your input. Thanks!
ive used spd for along time and now use roadishmael
May 17, 2001 8:40 AM
now ive got campy...i dont know which is more durable but there is little difference once you get clipped in...clipping in road is easier but i never had a problem with the spd anyway...richey makes an spd "road" which is just like a standand spd but one sided and a bit harder to get into but its easy once you get used to tell the truth i spent alot on campy record pedals and they are nicer i guess but its really not that different from my the richy roadlogic ones i had and the richey ones were really light...and i have a feeling that the plastic cleats for road pedals dont last as long as maybe can be said that you get the option of "play" with road pedals, which lets the foot move a bit but i always had that with the spd's when they are adjusted loosely...if youve looking for cheap spd is the best bet i think..
re: SPD pedals vs. road pedalsDaveG
May 17, 2001 10:26 AM
I use SPDs on my touring bike and Look's on my "road bike". The main advantage of a wide platform road pedal (ex: Look, Campy, Time) is that it offers a wider footprint and more stability. There is a much smaller platform with SPDs and the cleat/pedal contact is smaller. Because there is always some play with the cleat, that tranlates into more wobble with the smaller pedals. For some (including me) that can lead to "hot spots" and foot pain with the SPDs on long rides. Some of that can be mitigated by using a stiff shoe, but not entirely. If walking around is not a priority, use the raod pedals. The walkability of SPDs is nice though.
re: SPD pedals vs. road pedalsMrCelloBoy
May 17, 2001 10:51 AM
The main differences I'm aware of are;
1.) Road pedals are usually one sided entry hence more aerodynamically smooth on the other side.
2.) Generally lighter that Off road pedals

I use Speedplays on the road which actually offer MORE free
"float" than most mtb pedals.
The SPD off-road pedals are nice for walking around at stops. I use them on the tandem. I'll probably opt for spd's with fairly light mtb shoes when my current road shoes wear out.