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Got my yearly letter from Lance(5 posts)

Got my yearly letter from LanceTypeOne
May 16, 2001 11:32 AM
It's so nice that despite winning back-to-back TDFs and keeping a training program at this time of year that Lance Armstrong can still think enough to mail me a letter.
Strange that his return address here on the letter is c/o the League of American Bicyclists, but I guess he has to find someone to mail his correspondence. I'm sure Armstrong wants to tell me about his Tour preparations, ask me how I'm doing on the local crit scene, and give his best to the wife.
Funny....mine has a return address at...Greg Taylor
May 16, 2001 11:48 AM
...the Lance Armstrong Foundation. It's a really nice letter, thanking all of the Peloton Project members for their hard work in raising $1.2 million for cancer research. He also wants to know if the jersey and Oakley's that he sent me fit ok, and he wants me to know that he really DOES want me to come ride with him and his buddies (again!) next year...
Funny....mine has a return address at...dustin73
May 16, 2001 2:16 PM
what is/was the Peloton Project? i know it's from RtfR, but i couldn't figure out who was in it, or how they got in it. is it for people who are cancer survivors, or what?
It's still there!Greg Taylor
May 16, 2001 6:06 PM
The Peloton Project is a fundraising effort by the Lance Armstrong Foundation ("LAF"). For the past couple of years folks have been able to register with the LAF and solicit donations for cancer research. The Foundation recognizes your fundraising efforts by doing nice things like sending you a jersey, or (if you raise enough $$$) flying you out to Austin Texas for the Ride For The Roses as a guest of Mr. Armstrong. I raised enough in 2000 to make the trip to Austin, and it was an experience that I will never forget. I got to meet and ride with Lance, eat bar-b-que with Miguel Indurain, and rub shoulders with the likes of Eddy Merckx and Eric Heiden. More importantly, it felt really good to do something positive in the grand scheme of things that involves one of my real passions -- riding a bike.

You don't have to be a cancer survivor to participate, although a lot of Peloton Project members have beaten the disease. If you have any interest, the LAF has its own website (http://www.LAF.ORG) or you can link up to is via the Lance Armstrong website at (
re: Got my yearly letter from LanceHap
May 16, 2001 7:08 PM
Since Lance addressed me as "Dear Fellow Cyclist" I guess that I must be one. Phoey to all you "bikers".