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I feel so alone!!(21 posts)

I feel so alone!!Against-the-wind
May 15, 2001 7:12 PM
Hey all - is it me, or am I the only one here who works a full time job, is raising a family, but only has time for about 100-150 miles/week???....I mean, I go into work at 6:30 AM, get home at 6:00 PM, and I ride about 20-25 miles, getting it in usually just before dark. I have a wife, 2 kids, a home and yard, things break, kids go to sporting events, I have to go watch, I'm in the East, so the weather sucks most of the year. It seems like everyone on here is doing my mileage plus 100. Liars??.....someone tell me they are in the same boat as me out here.....I roadbike and Mt bike...even do about 4 races/year on the Mt bike....but hell, I wish I had more time! My goal is 100 miles/week, sometimes it comes easy, other times I ride like hell on the weekend to get it in. You guys and gals got to much freetime!!! need jobs!!...;-)

Anyways, I'll never get the mileage to race the road, but it does give me enough jump in the old legs for the trails. So tell me...come clean....who else is a 300 mile/week wannabe?
My goal is a mere 70 miles a week ...Humma Hah
May 15, 2001 7:23 PM
... although I've had trouble doing that for the last two weeks.

I quit my job in California and am in the process of deciding if I'll become a consultant again or get an honest job. Plus, I'm taking care of business for my mom while she recovers from a stroke.

Frankly, I'm with you. There are people here who ride over 200 miles a week, and I don't see how they do it and still have any kind of family life left. I think the key is two things.

1) They're racers and probably cover twice the miles in a 1-hour session as I do on my cruiser.

2) They sneak in a couple of half hour or hour training rides in the early morning and evening (you could conceivably do 50 miles a day like that).
Does watching OLN count towards miles? (Grin)CyclingWolf
May 15, 2001 10:11 PM
Your definately not alone, I work 35-38 hours a week as well as consulting and web design ( I am an aspiring photographer and have a few bike shots for those interested) in my own business. If I am lucky I get in two 30-40 miles in during the weekday and get in a definate 30 participating in my LBS Sat morning A/B paceline ride plus maybe if I am lucky get an additional 30-40 and maybe a 30 on Sunday's commuting to work would only be 10 miles round trip. My riding is purely for health and fitness with a yearning to race at somepoint down the road. I get in some Mtn Bike time sparatically every other week as well. I did my first A paceline the one I mentioned above 2 weeks ago and what an eye opener because I ride mainly alone on the same course. The paceline method is a rush and my goal by end of the summer is 2001+ miles for 2001 (I will get a certificate from my local club. Plus I want to finsish and be a team player in the A Paceline group.
The key is to ride before the family wakes upAlex R
May 16, 2001 8:23 AM
I ride with a lot of family men who knock off 200 mile weeks. This is their schedule. It's pretty close to mine as well.

T and Th - 5:45-7:00 AM (25 miles)
Wednesday night fast ride (35 miles)

Sat - 7:30-10:30 AM (60 miles)
Sun - 7:30-10:30 AM (60 miles)

That's a 205 mile week with only one weeknight commitment, and all weekend riding is over before the family has brunch. Also, just two early birds during the week. Not bad.

re: I feel so alone!!AD14
May 15, 2001 7:39 PM
I too am in the east and have very similar set of circumstances. Throw in some nagging kidney stones [2 since feb] and I am struggling to top 75 miles a week. In the mid 80s I was riding several thousand miles a year. Seems so long ago...
I'm like youDave Hickey
May 15, 2001 8:01 PM
I have a very similar routine. Married with two kids. Both kids are avid hockey players. Practices are once a week(each)and then games on weekends. I still manage to ride 100-150miles/wk. The most I can get in is 200 miles if I do a century charity ride on the weekend. I'll commute(34 miles roundtrip) at least one day a week. I try to ride about 15 miles at lunch when I don't commute. My family life is very important to me so my rides are planned to have a minimal impact on my family. My ideal vacation would be a bike tour in France or Italy but I'm the only one interested in cycling. When the kids are older, the wife and I will go to Europe and I'll ride and she can shop.
You aren't aloneBQ
May 15, 2001 8:09 PM
You're right -- if you could ditch the job and put the family on hold, heck, you could get at least 3 centuries a week in. But reality has a way of moderating everything.

My goal, too, is 100 miles per week, but anything above 75 I consider a gift.
I'll admit it,I doSTEELYeyed
May 15, 2001 8:32 PM
have to much time on my hands,thats why I took up cycling! I have a 9-5 government job,my kids are both in high school and have jobs,my wife has her career and hobbies,I do adjust my ride time to the family schedule,but I almost always get 25 miles in before and after work,I don't have much for yard work and I'm not anal about having the nicest lawn on the block,just the nicest calf muscles! But seriously,last summer I did not have this much time,my son was on 2 baseball teams and we were running 5-6 nights a week + weekend tournaments,I was disappointed but relieved when he decided not to play this year,but it's his decision. Despite the bad weather in the Midwest,I have about 1000 miles in already,way ahead of last year,I am lucky to have the time to get my miles,but I have uncomplicated my life,by selling my business 3 years ago,where I was spending 60-70 hours a week killing myself....I'm much more content on the wheel....on the road,I am the bike.
Oh, no, you're not alone!look271
May 15, 2001 8:39 PM
Same deal. Wife, 2 kids, 1.5 acres of yard, etc. I get my miles in by commuting , plus I work 2nd shift (330p to 12mid), which allows me to get in rides during the day, after the kids go to school.(Yes, my wife works, too. I get to bed @ about 1am and get up at 715a to get my 8yr old off to school, then @1215 my lttle on hops on the bus for kindergarten and I hop on my Look for an 18-20 mile ride.) This fall she'll go to 1st grade, so I'll be able to get some serious rides in after BOTH of them are off to school! I am ecstatic now that I get 100-150 miles in/week, so you're in the same boat as me.
look 271QUADzilla
May 15, 2001 9:25 PM
Hey, it sounds as if I'm looking into a mirror...2 kids, 2 jobs & a wife that doesn't work. I also work night shift (3pm-1:30am)(4x10hr days), which is REALLY sweet (I have off every Fri-Sun). Twice a week I'll get up about 7:00 am & do a 20 mile or so out & back ride, or commute at least twice a week (but it's only 7 miles round trip). I'm still lucky to get 100 miles in though, even with club rides.

Funny, if I remember right, you live in the lancaster, PA area. We have a great club up here in Reading. If you're interested in any of our rides, I'd be glad to send you some info !! Our road rides generally draw 30 -50 people, which is really fun.
May 16, 2001 3:31 PM
Live in Harrisburg, but I'd be interested in those rides. Several friends of mine and I are always looking for new rides. I know of some near Lancaster and also here in Harrisburg. There's one along the Susquehanna on June 16 called the dreanride of Lancaster Co. It's a century w/ lots of climbing. Web site is Maybe we can hook up some time? You also have Mektronics, don't you?
Commuting to work helps increase the mileage.Maui
May 15, 2001 8:48 PM
I commute to work 2 - 3 times per week. The 55 mile roundtrip really adds to my weekly mileage total. I usually ride my mountain bike 10 - 20 miles on the weekend. During a good week, I ride 185 miles. On a bad week, I ride 120 miles.

Even so, I rarely work more than 10 hours per day and I don't have many family issues.
get 80% miles commutingnodima
May 16, 2001 5:45 AM
I consider a great week to be 100+ miles. I am able to commute (40mi roundtrip) once or twice per week depending on weather (Massachusetts). This gives me most of my miles. I am also an avid saltwater fly fisherman, which is a big drain on my time on weekends. Between work, house, wife and fishing, I do not get a lot of time to bike, but make the most of what I have. I have not yet converted any of my friends to road bikes from their mtb's, but they are starting to see the benefits of my riding the road.

This is my second year riding on the road, and I already have half the miles that I got in all of last year (700). I am not so concerned with how much others ride, as long as I get at least 2 good rides per week, mentally I feel great, because I am doing more than 80% of the general population. Cheer up, so are you.

A view from the other side...Duane Gran
May 16, 2001 6:00 AM
I'm on the other side of the fense, I believe. I'm single and work a very consistent and predictable job with flex hours. My days are still very packed, but the only reason I can ride typically 250 miles a week (hit 300+ on a few occassions too) is because I don't have family obligations. Anytime that I have to run some errand, it really messes up my routine, so I can understand how it must be hard to balance cycling with a family. I wouldn't feel bad at all if I were doing 100 miles a week and I were still able to take kids to soccer practice & such. Of course, if the schools had a cycling club that would be even better. ;)
I'd say you're doing pretty damn goodpmf
May 16, 2001 6:51 AM
I get in 200-250 per week, but I'm able to commute to work (that's good for 100-120) and I have no kids (probably not for long though). Yeah, I've got a 40 year old money pit and a yard that grows an inch a day this time of year. Still though, if I had kids and couldn't commute, I doubt I'd get 100-150 per week. Don't be so hard on yourself.
9-to-5 ThoughtsMass Biker
May 16, 2001 7:21 AM
Some other thoughts from another "Joe racer" working stiff. I work 50+ hours a week. I have to be at my desk at 8:30AM essentially every day. However, I can sneak out a little early for evening rides (say, once a week) when daylight savings rolls around. The challenge? Staying competitive in the local club/racing scene. The solution(s)?

* get miles when others aren't - this means coming to grips with riding through a New England winter. Not the most fun, but it does build base
* specific training instead of "just going out for a ride" - each ride has a purpose. Hills. Sprints. Pacelines. Save the joyrides for the fall.
* gym time - cannot be emphasized enough. When combined with low gear winter miles, you go a long way to building early season fitness and strength.
* don't let darkness slow you down (A) - when daylight saving ended, we turned our midweek postwork hammerfest into a more casual ride on bike paths and trails (headlights required). While not a hammerfest, it was a great way to get 2-3 hours of riding in the middle of the week
* don't let darkness slow you down (B) - start early. I get 2 predawn rides in each week. Yes it's gloomy and often cold, but it beats battling crazy drivers in the evening

Quality beats quantity any time (except in the dead of winter, when you should take all the opportunities you have to build that base).

Phases n' StagesBreck
May 16, 2001 7:12 AM
You are simply at a point in your life you have all these needs tugging at you. Before you got married and had the wife, kids, home to maintain, domestic chores, dog, cat, what else?, how much did you ride. Or did you spend your time at the bars, chasing women, driving the Vette (SUV now?), etc.

The year before i got married (close to 35 yrs. ago), would get up at 5 AM, do the 8 mile run; ride the bike to work; ride the bike home for lunch -peanut butter & yogurt); bike back to work: bike home; run the 12 miles; eat the meal; no TV & fall to sleep on the Lazy Boy (my only bed, & the telephone cable spool s table) early(!); get up REPEAT.

then the REPET AFTER ME changed all that. Could only run at lunch and the bike became the bat hanging from the rafter. But you don't forget and it finally returns and you are it again.

From 138 lbs. (5'-11") gained a pound a month up to ~154 lbs. Mebee married the Missus 'cause she could cook? Any who the fives, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 year age brackets generally got me back into so-so shape for running races & got back on the bike at the 50 mark. The bike-board is more of a brain tuner for me.

But heck, admit it ...TV & such is the Opium of the masses. Don't begrudge "us" (me, you, they) who "find the time" to bike and net-chat.

re: I feel so alone!!MalandMo
May 16, 2001 11:24 AM
I am married, have 2 kids, and am the youth minister at my church. Talk about having no time to ride. I shoot for 100 miles a week. lunch time is about the only free time I have. Sometimes I make it and sometimes i don't, but I will never put my riding ahead of my family. I wish i could ride more, but the bills have a strange way of not paying themselves.
re: I feel so alone!!Ken56
May 16, 2001 2:45 PM
I guess you're not so alone. It seems that many of us are in the same boat. Although my kids are grown and out of the house, I still have a lot of other obligations, including a job, house, and a large yard. I feel lucky if I can get in 100 miles in a week. Unlike others here, I will not ride in the dark or semi-dark. I tried it once and it scared me to death. I boiught an expensive light setup and I still couldn't see well enough to feel confident on the bike. I don't see too well as it is, and trying to ride under those conditions was just too nerve wracking for me. I don't know how you others do it. So I am pretty much restricted to daylight hours only, which means that during the winter months, the only riding I do is on my trainer.
better than me...Kinglouie
May 16, 2001 7:50 PM
My commute to work is 1hr10min (one way!) by car. No biking there. Last year, I vowed to get in more than the 75mi.per-week. I had to neglect most other activities I like and guess what? Some of you guys make me look fat at 5'7" 150lbs.
But when basketball time came (my other love), that is down-right puny. I was getting thrown around by young arrogant punks like a ragdoll. In the weight room I could barely press half my body weight on the free weights. This year, I'm just going to "suck it up" and portion at least a day or two to other activites. Not including the family time. Besides, I find that I feel stronger on my rides if I don't ride back-to-back days. I'm quick and strong on the basketball court, but not very good at "distance" events it seems. So I'll just be putting along at my "17mph" pace I guess.
I've wondered though, if I could double my mileage, would I be a stronger rider.
re: I feel so alone!!steeveo
May 17, 2001 6:24 AM
God. I know how you feel. My life has been so busy lately that I only get 800 miles a week. I've had to punt my usual mid-week double century altogether. I feel like such a slug. Anything less than a thousand miles a week, you might as well not ride, in my view. Sheeesh.