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Turned away from a drive-thru(45 posts)

Turned away from a drive-thruKristin
May 14, 2001 4:50 PM
I hope that some of you who are peturbed with me will see fit to forgive! I hate lurking. I did get my stem raised a bit 1.5cm and my bars are no angled up. I'm definately reading up on maintenance though. I drove friggin 45 miles and it took about 10 min. to make the changes. I watched him and thought, "I coulda done that." Anyway... This weekend I ran out of water a bit early. I ususally replenish at a gas station on the return trip, but it was on the wrong side of the road. I decided to pull into a Portillos to restock. Since I didn't have a lock with me, I opted for the drive thru. Standing there, I felt a little self conscious, but I'm not about to let my bike out of my sight again. The manager comes out the back door and refuses to serve me at the drive thru. Her reasons: 1. They aren't insured for a bike in their drive thru lane--I could get hit by someone. 2. They are trying to protect their tellers from walk-up robbers. I was considered a walk up person. I didn't think either of these arguments held much weight. First off, they aren't insured for cars being in their drive thru either. Restaurants carry general liabilty insurance which covers them in case of a law suit if someone gets injured or has damage on their property. I thought her concern was humurous being that I pulled in from a 45mph street. The second point is even funnier. If I was gonna rob a store, I think that I would not choose to do it on a bright yellow bike in a loud spandex suit. Anyone, in any form can rob a store. If a theif is smart he/she will be in a subtle yet fast CAR. Has anyone else ever gone thru drive thrus on a bike? Been turned away? Or is this just queer behavior on my part?
re: Turned away from a drive-thruMrCelloBoy
May 14, 2001 5:02 PM
I was turned away from a drive-thru on my roller skates once for the same reason. I assumed their reason was valid, though I suspected it might be driven more by jealousy that we're enjoyin' life while they're slaving away over a hot stove.
re: Turned away from a drive-thruMikenotreg'd
May 14, 2001 5:14 PM
"I didn't think either of these arguments held much weight."

That's not for you to decide though.
Those are the rules of the establishment, and I think most all drive throughs. I know every one I've been to there is a sign saying no walk up or bicycle customers.
Its within their legal rights to turn you away.
True they have general liability, but that doesn't mean there aren't exception to their policies.
Micky D's with Playlands have much higher insurance policies than those without.
I'm sure there is an exclusionary clause in their policy prohibiting
walkups and bikes. Its pretty standard.
Don't get too ruffled over it.
You might not have robbed it, but if walkups were allowed, is there a gaurantee that all walkups/rideups will have yellow bikes and loud clothes?
Also robbers have a much easier getaway from a walkup than from
going inside the store so it makes a lot of sense.
Cars have lic plates which can be traced bike don't.
Cars also can't duck in between houses and allys if being chaced.
Anyway, robbers aren't always the smartest bunch.

Regardless, they have the right to set the rules on their property
and they did. Hey, they saved you from eating junk food :)
re: Turned away from a drive-thrugrz mnky
May 14, 2001 5:53 PM
Were you in California - the sue-me state? He/She has to be making that inusrance stuff up. Yep, no doubt about it - women on bikes is at the top of the robbery suspect list..... Was she fat?

We used to come out of the bars in Corpus Christi, TX mostly tanked. My buddy would go through the Whatburger backwards and I'd order from the passenger seat. Then we'd drive up to the window where I'd then pay. We did it all the time and everytime the manager said to never do it again or they wouldn't serve us. We would just laugh at them and ask if they were really going to throw away our food at 1 AM -- see they didn't have a camera at the point of order. It's totally lame that they wouldn't serve you in the drive-thru. You should sue for pain and suffering from the mental anguish! Maybe a note to the "real" manager would help - they really don't want to turn away paying customers.

I just walk into places and bring my bike in with me - asking first. Ain't no way I'm leaving it unattended. They obviously don't realize that you probably won't visit them again even if you're driving a car.
re: Turned away from a drive-thruJim Burton
May 15, 2001 8:17 AM
Was she fat?! That's funny!
re: Turned away from a drive-thrugrz mnky
May 15, 2001 10:15 AM
I was thinking maybe it was one of those resentment/jealosy things. Manager is an overweight single mom hating life at Burger Whirled while a nice athletic woman comes up on a bicycle..... It could happen. ;-)
bank drivethru incidentclub
May 14, 2001 6:47 PM
I once had a bank teller at my bank refuse me service. I told her to call her boss and tell him the guy on the bike said he is gonna close his substantial 5-figure account (now my ex's substantial 5-figure account) if he isn't served. I was served, and got an apology from the bank manager. My current bank is headed by a guy I ride with, so I don't anticipate any problems...
re: Turned away from a drive-thrudough
May 14, 2001 7:56 PM
I've gone through fast food drive-thru's many times on my bike and have never been denied service. However, a couple of days ago I was in a Jack in the Box drive-thru (in my truck) and noticed a sign that stated that they will not serve walk-ups or cyclists at the drive-thru. I just laughed it off thinking it was an isolated case but I guess I was wrong. It looks like yet another attack against us (here in Texas it seems to be the thing to do these days).
Tejasmike mcmahon
May 14, 2001 8:51 PM
Is this the same Texas where, until a few years ago, you could get a "drive-through" beer?
May 14, 2001 9:03 PM
I don't know. I've only been here about 5 years. However, I grew up in the South and I can tell ya that in Mississippi and Louisiana I used to be able to get beer and daiquiri's at the drive-thru!! They can serve alcohol to a motorist but not junk food to a cyclist. They are just looking out for our health you know.
Mississippi, and Lusianerxrayman
May 14, 2001 10:57 PM
Born in Alabama, grew up in Mississippi. Up until at least a few years ago, there were "Beer Barns" in Mississippi. I think most are gone. These were literally big red barns that you could drive up to and buy beer. That's not the best part however. You could bring a milk jug, (or buy one from them) and have it filled up with draft beer. Dumbest thing (in retrospect..because when your 18, invincible and don't have a lick of sense, that seems like a really good idea.) I have ever seen. Last time I was in Louisiana, there were still drive through daquiri shops.

May 14, 2001 11:18 PM
yeah, you can still get beer from a drive through...well, i can't yet, but my parents can...
I have a vague memorymike mcmahon
May 14, 2001 11:19 PM
of someone giving me a rational explanation long ago of why pedestrians, cyclists, skaters, etc. are barred from drive-thru locations. For the life of me, I can't remember what that person told me. I seem to recall that the explanation was given to me while I was drunk and trying to get food on foot from a Naugle's drive-thru at 2:30 a.m. because the indoor dining area was closed. Perhaps the drunkenness in some way contributed to my memory lapse. If you never had a Naugle's cheese burrito when drunk at 2:30 in the morning, you have no idea what you missed. Unfortunately, Naugle's went the way of Pup-N-Taco, Pioneer Chicken, and H. Salt Fish & Chips (actually I think 1 or 2 H. Salts are still open).
Forget about that. What about the bike? Does it fit or not? nmET
May 15, 2001 5:48 AM
AAARRRRGGGHHHH!!! It's Not About The Bike! (nm)Greg Taylor
May 15, 2001 7:22 AM
I just want a "yes" or a "no" :-)ET
May 15, 2001 8:14 AM
I ain't gettin' drawn into that again. But hey man, I gots to know. Curious what happened when she "took it up with the LBS" too.
ET - You're Obessed! : -)Kristin
May 15, 2001 11:02 AM
Answer: I guess the bike fits. I'm much more comfortable with the stem raised and the bars rotated back so that the hoods are the same height as the tops. I did express my concern about the bike being too short because I could see the hubs about 3 cm in front of the stem when on the hoods. He explained his firm belief that this is the biggest fit myth going--stating that my back is straight and I have a good position on the bike. I don't feel uncomfortable on the bike, I am not in pain and am ill equipped to debate intelligently on this subject; so, I accepted his answer.

Numbers for you - cuz I know how much you love numbers!

Saddle Height (floor to top) 98cm
Stem Height (floor to top of bars) 89 cm
Bar Height (floor to top of hoods) 85.5 cm
Stem (I did not swap it out) 11 cm
Effective TT (center of SP to center of bars) 65.4 cm (that seems incorrect???)

I raised the stem about 1.5 cm. and brought the hoods up to the same level. Its still a big drop, but I was getting used to the 5+" drop to the hoods, so 3.81 inches seems like a breeze now.
It happens in Canada, too. Annoying isn't it?Brian C.
May 15, 2001 7:26 AM
Did you get the stem changed? What size is it?
I'm still experiencing that stretched out feeling.
Hey, welcome back!4bykn
May 15, 2001 8:04 AM
I've personally never gone through a drive-up on my bike, however I watched a guy on a mountain bike get served at a local Steak 'n' Shake last week. He was right behind me in line, and seemed to have no problems.
FICTION! Again, it's fiction!steeveo
May 15, 2001 8:49 AM
Right in the middle of this little story, she drops: " ...I'm not about to let my bike out of my sight again." Note the 'again.' There's a story here she's foreshadowing, some dramatic near-theft story! She's trying to draw us in. She's succeeding. She's a literary genius!
I think Steeveo wants to believe...Delia
May 15, 2001 10:02 AM
Why would you think this is fiction? Obviously everyone else is corroborating the validity of her story with stories of their own. She's a biker and that's that.
I think Steeveo wants to believe...Jack S
May 15, 2001 10:18 AM
Stop it... next thing you know somebody will be saying she is not a biker, but a CYCLIST.
ConspiracyLen J
May 15, 2001 10:46 AM
Maybe... Steevo & Kirsten are the same person.
Maybe... He/She/They are trying to suck us into exposing our biases.
Maybe... I have too much time on my hands.
I think Steeveo wants to believe...steeveo
May 15, 2001 11:06 AM
Nah, she's a bikeur. This gal may ride a bike, but for the purposes of this board she's been pulling our collective chain with these well-crafted narratives for weeks now! I'm a writer too, so I recognize how truly skillful she is. I ADMIRE her!
(I admire her photography, too.)Brian C.
May 15, 2001 11:18 AM
Where do you write, Steve?
Just wonderin'
(I admire her photography, too.)steeveo
May 15, 2001 11:25 AM
Political speechwriter.
Steeveo you haven't been her long enough...Kristin
May 15, 2001 11:34 AM know that I was making an historical reference. The reason I bought a road bike was that my Trek 720 was stolen during the Christmas holiday. I bet it looked pretty under sombody elses tree.

Thanks for the compliment! Intended or not, I'll take it!! I will eventually write. This is an inevitable part of my future. But for now, I have no desire to pick up the quill. When time has mastered the challenge and I fall in love with story telling--then I'll begin.
Steeveo you haven't been her long enough...steeveo
May 15, 2001 11:39 AM
I wish I could have read the tale of your stolen bike! (And when the time comes, you have a great future in writing, my child ...)
Oh no, not a Trek 720!!! That explains it! NMWantabe....
May 15, 2001 12:28 PM
Where are Steak 'n Shakes located?mike mcmahon
May 15, 2001 11:48 AM
I've never heard of Steak 'n Shake, but it sounds like my kind of place. I may have to plan the next family location to a region where SnS abounds.
IL and MichiganMaillot Rouge
May 15, 2001 1:51 PM
They have recently expanded to Northern Illinois from Central Illinois where it was a staple 3am place to eat. It is possibly some of the best diner food I have ever had. Don't go if you are watching the waist line. They have awesome chilli three way. Every time I'm home I make a trip. I'm glad they don't have Steak and Shake in CO, I'd be huge.

There's one here in Salt Lake CityAndy
May 15, 2001 9:31 PM
Do you want me to Fed-Ex a steak/onion ring platter to ya?
Oooh, onion rings! But I doubt they travel well.mike mcmahon
May 15, 2001 9:37 PM
Fortunately, I don't eat them as often as I used to, but I sure love o-rings. Part of the reason I don't eat them too often is that I haven't found a good place for them near my home. That's in large part because I haven't looked, knowing I'm likely to start eating a lot of them if I find good ones. About 2 or 3 times a year, I get a wild hair and fry up a big batch of o-rings at home. You don't want to be riding behind me the morning after I've eaten a big helping of rings-not that I typically have to worry about anyone riding behind me. ;-)
Me toomoneyman
May 15, 2001 8:52 AM
Saturday, Fort Collins CO. Burger King, as I wanted some coffee. They were polite in denying me service, but they at least filled my water bottle. Annoying, but not worth fighting for, IMHO.

I was served at drive-thru pharmacyAlan B
May 15, 2001 9:40 AM
My wife called me at work and asked me to pick up a prescription for her on my way home. She had completely forgot I was commuting by bike that day (and, like you, I don't carry a lock). The pharmacy we use has a drive-up window and the prescription was small enough for a jersy pocket, so I just said "Sure, Honey. No problem." And there was no problem. The grin on the pharmacist's face was almost as big as the one on my wife's face when I came in wearing cycling clothes and carrying a Sav-On bag!
EPO at the drive-thru pharmacymike mcmahon
May 15, 2001 10:59 AM
Maybe Willy Voet picked up the EPO at a French bike-thru pharmacy.
Carry a chain and small lock...DINOSAUR
May 15, 2001 10:26 AM
When my club goes for long rides they suggest that you carry a chain and small lock with you in case you need to visit a convenience store.
I also am aware of water sources in case I run out on hot days (fire stations, ball parks, schools, parks to name a few).

I'm sure that you being turned away had something to do regarding liability and company policy and it was not a spur of the moment decision made by some employee. Perhaps you could call the establishment and ask to speak to the manager and he/she could answer your question.
Convenience stores on a club ride???Kristin
May 15, 2001 11:14 AM
LOL!! Your club sounds very posh. We have no such conveniences. I've been picking burrs out of my shorts for a week!

Actually, I spoke to the manager. She was very cordial and so was I. I explained that I didn't like the policy, but I respected that it was her store and rode off. I still don't see what good is a accomplished by a claus against bikes in the drive-thru. They had a bike rack out in the front of the store for people who wanted to dine inside. Then again, I'm no underwriter.
Convenience stores on a club ride???DINOSAUR
May 15, 2001 11:39 AM
During the summer months my club always has a couple of two-three day treks to out of the way rural areas. Sometimes, not often, riders become separated and run out of water or get hungry and stop at a local "Mom & Pop" store to stock up. They suggest that members carry a small lock and chain.
No luxury of convience stores but drive thru fast food places? Where in God's name do you live?
Lighten up girl, sounds like you still have a burr in your shorts...
Convenience stores on a club ride???MrCelloBoy
May 15, 2001 11:41 AM
What I like are the places out in the boonies (California Central Valley) that sell alcohol AND Firearms! now that's a really good combo! Make mine a Biggee!

I think I saw one called Guns & Grog!
Kristin, are you a blonde???? NMBimbo
May 15, 2001 11:47 AM
Another thoughtmike mcmahon
May 15, 2001 11:56 AM
Why don't bike shops have "ride-up windows?"
i'll have ...Breck
May 15, 2001 2:39 PM
let's see, I'll have (looking the menu),
a hub, special of the day ...
two skewers ...
and a chain to go ...
that'll be it!

any tire patches or a headset wrench.
the're on special today you know.

Nope, but thanks.

OK your order will be ready in a jiff.

and oh, forgot!Breck
May 15, 2001 2:49 PM
a cup of Chris King Precision Blend coffee*!

Rocket or Machinist brew?

what's the diff?

Rocket, a deep dark, & oily French roast, or...
Machinist, a hearty but slightly more mild German brew?

Hmmmm, make it Rocket.

okay, item added.

*from the latest King snail mail cat.

note: have not tried King's brew just yet
but may be orth it just for the deco cans
to be recycled as parts cans.

& cheers java heads
Turned away with lycra shorts!TypeOne
May 15, 2001 5:18 PM
On a hot summer day many years ago in Cincinnati, I pulled into a convenience store -- one of those familiar only to Cinci-nastians and owned by the Lidner family -- to buy some Gatorade or something. The manager told me my attire was inappropriate and I would have to leave. He wouldn't allow me and my black PI shorts in his business.I was the only one in the place at the moment, so the lycra shorts must have been offensive to him and his hairy, 300-lb. self. I kind of chuckled, but he was serious! So I went out, removed my shirt and wrapped it around my waste, then re-entered. At that point, he offered to call the police, and ranted about "you damned college kids."
I decided not to pursue the matter with this guy, nor did I contact his supervisor, etc. Cincy was just that way...good thing I never tried a drive-thru!