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Pedals? Shoes? SPD-R or LOOK???(3 posts)

Pedals? Shoes? SPD-R or LOOK???NeedySpeedy
May 14, 2001 1:18 PM
I dont know anything about road pedals or shoes! I run spd's on my mountainbike and my road bike now. I've ordered a new road bike and want to upgrade my shoes and pedal system. How are the Ultegra pedels? How are the Look PP247 or the PP296 Pedals? Also how are the Diadora Cosmo shoes? How are the SIDI Genius 3 shoes? Comments please!

Thanks for any feedback!!
re: Pedals? Shoes? SPD-R or LOOK???Bob in Indiana
May 14, 2001 7:07 PM
I'm in the same situation, and have been reading posts here for some time...It seems that Look and Speedplay are the consensus choices for most popular road pedals...the pros on the various teams seem to use Look (may be sponsorship bucks) and Speedplay X-2's seem as popular as anything amongst recreational and serious cyclists on this board.

I have heard nothing but GREAT things about Sidi Genius 3 shoes (and they ARE comfy, I've tried them on several times as I try to justify the expenditure), by the way, has awesome prices on Sidi...$99 for 2001 Genius 3's plus 22 shipping (they're in Ireland).

Anyway...wish there was a way to really test ride the various pedals...since it's a big expense, but follow along with this board for a bit, you'll pick up a ton of varying opinions, and good advice (and occasionally some humor too!)

Good luck,
Personal preference.....DINOSAUR
May 15, 2001 2:27 PM
Shoes and pedal selections are a matter of preference, just like saddles. My Klein came with Icon SPD's and when I started to upgrade my bike that is one of the first thing I changed. I wanted a pedal with a large platform, that was easy to engage. My Northwave shoes were Look compatable, so I went with Look PP247 (old model). Look was the very first pedal system I used, and I felt comfortable using them. I have also used Time's, had good luck with them, but they were out of my price range. I have heard good things about Speedplay's but I have no experience with them. There is no correct answer. A suggestion-make sure that your shoes are compatible with your pedal selection, adaptors are a pain in the you-know-what.
Upon re-reading your post I noticed you mentioned the Look PP296. This is the older model top of the line that has an adjustable float of 0 3 6 9 degrees. The PP247 has a 9 degree float, which for me is too much, but I got used to them. The float eliminates perfect cleat position and knee problems. I think you can find the PP 296 on sale for around $100 (they went for $180).
As for the shoes, Sidi's tend to run narrow. You best bet is to try a bunch of shoes on at a LBS that has a large inventory.
Good luck