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Difference between road and mtn bike(3 posts)

Difference between road and mtn bikeTim1
May 14, 2001 1:04 PM
I was recently given a road bike (fairly old and low end Trek, but free) and am trying to figure out the difference between riding it and riding my mtn bike on the road which I have been doing for quite a while. The road bike is a little heavier than my mtn bike, probably at least 2 pounds. My question is will the lower amount of rolling resistance and better aerodynamic position make this bike feel lighter than my mtn bike or will it feel the same.
re: Difference between road and mtn bikeMrCelloBoy
May 14, 2001 1:24 PM
A heavy road bike won't neccessarily feel any better than a light mountain bike with the following exceptions; The RB will offer more and sleeker hand positions on the drop bars, and generally higher gearing. A Mtn. bike can feel pretty fast with some slicks mounted, especially in acceleration and coasting down a steep windy road as it has more contact patch and potentially lower center of gravity.
re: Difference between road and mtn bikeJBergland
May 14, 2001 1:47 PM
'Feel' is kind of a personal thing. I have known riders that say a bike fealt a lot lighter when it is really heavier than the one they were comparing it to. That being said... I would be very surprised if your 'new' road bike, even if it's 2 lbs heavier, would not feel lighter than you mountain bike in most situations. I rode a mountain bike with slicks on the road for a couple of years. I think a more accurate description of what you will notice will be the road bike will be much more 'efficient' thna you mountain bike... making it feel lighter!! Enjoy the ROAD!!