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Schwinn Le Tour & Puch Cavette II(3 posts)

Schwinn Le Tour & Puch Cavette IIJBergland
May 14, 2001 7:22 AM
I 'Inherited' (they were being thrown away during a large item garbage day) two bikes this weekend... a Schwinn Le Tour and a Puch Cavette II. These will be nice projects during the long winter months!! I'm guessing these bikes were built in the 80s sometime. I've done a little researching, but have not come up with much history on the bikes... only 'for sale' stuff and basic stats. Does anyone know some history on either of these bikes or some web sites that might help?

Thank You!!
re: Schwinn Le Tour & Puch Cavette IIMeDotOrg
May 14, 2001 9:57 AM
According to Sheldon Brown, the 80's LeTours were made by Panasonic.
May 14, 2001 11:42 AM
"In the late '80s, they had a plan to supply semi-custom bikes, using just-in-time" production methods. The program was called "P.I.C.S." (Panasonic Individualized Custom System). The frames were stock, but were painted to order (with the customer's name optionally painted on the top tube) and with a custom-length handlebar stem.Schwinn...the Schwinn Le Tour was the first non-Chicago Schwinn."

That is interesting because there is a badge in front of the head-tube that reads 'Chicago Schwinn' or 'Made in Chicago by Schwinn'.

The Push (also known as Austro-Daimler for the higher end bikes) was made in Austria (along with other places)

Here are a couple sites: