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Someone Hep me. European sizing for jerseys?(5 posts)

Someone Hep me. European sizing for jerseys?dog727
May 14, 2001 6:01 AM
Can someone hip me to how the Euros figure sizing for jerseys? Can I just go by the standard small, medium, large, etc (what in the heck is XXXXlarge - unless you are a real gorilla?).

I normally wear a large jersey over here in the US.
Not that easy but...muncher
May 14, 2001 6:07 AM
If they are in ins - go up 10, i.e. a 54 Euro is a 44 incher. In sizes, go for 5=XL, 4=L, 3=M, 2=S and 1=XS. Anything over a 5, pro-rata.

Strange world..
Here's what to do ...bianchi boy
May 14, 2001 6:25 AM
Go to this website:

Not only do they have a wide selection of pro jerseys on sale, but they have an excellent sizing chart. For instance, I normally wear XL size T-shirts (44-46). According to this website, I wear a 3X in most European jerseys. Bought one according to their guide and it fit perfectly.

I bought a 2X Louis Garneau jersey from Performance and had to return it as it was much too small. On the other hand, Peformance brand jerseys fit me perfectly in XL. BTW, IMHO, the Performance brand patterned jerseys fit me better than any others I have tried and are a great deal when on sale. It beats advertising for a bunch of European companies that sell flooring tile and vaccuum cleaners.
club fit versus pro fit/euro fitHaiku d'état
May 14, 2001 7:14 AM
I also wear performance or other "generic" size XL jerseys, and they fit fine. i'm a 46L jacket and wear XL or XXL shirts (no belly anymore, just big shoulders). i have a gary fisher jersey (castelli) and also a jersey from an organized ride last weekend, both pro/euro fit, and both xxl. they're just large enough to fit without cutting off bloodflow to my extremeties (perfect). some pro/euro sizing is different than others (like atheletic shoes), where a xxl would be equivalent to other pro/euro xl, which is equivalent to a "club fit" medium.

thing i've noticed about expensive (this is a relative term for those of us who are cheap, like me) jerseys is that they're normally of much higher quality manufacture, for example, i can put heavy stuff (cellphone) in the pockets of my gary fisher and i can't really tell a difference. i can put the same in my performance/other generic club-fit jerseys, and they'll sag a bit toward the back and pull at my neck.

on the whole, XL club fit/generic = XXL euro fit/pro, at least in my experience. btw, XXL club fit=HUGE. good luck!
US Large = Euro 5geezer
May 14, 2001 8:34 AM
Euro sizes are numbered in addition to M, L, XL, XXL etc. Euro sizes also generally run one size small. I'm a US Large size: 41" chest. When I buy European jerseys, I buy size 5 and they fit great. Size 5 is listed by Euro manufacturers as XL, but fits as a US Large (though usually a little tigher......good for us slender folks.) It can be tough when mail ordering to determine whether or not the distributor has kindly "converted" Euro sizes to US sizes to confuse the issue or if the manufacturer has decided to re-label the sizes for the US market. So I just ask for size 5, and if there is still confusion, I say chest size 41".

Some companies, like Giordana, also confuse things by having a "super-fit" and a "Euro-cut." So size 5 in a super-fit is not cut the same as size 5 in a Euro-cut. Sigh......any wonder why I stick with one or two brands that I know that fit me?