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The Carmichael/Armstrong book......(4 posts)

The Carmichael/Armstrong book......Dub
May 13, 2001 9:43 PM
...I have this particular book on training. I've finished reading it, but havent started the 7 week program. Was wondering if anyone out there has actually completed one of the 7 week programs C.C. outlines in it. You know, the ones he breaks down into 3 categories, Beg. Int. Adv., depending on your starting fitness level.

If you have, did you notice significant results after the 7 weeks?
re: The Carmichael/Armstrong book......Jim Burton
May 14, 2001 8:34 AM
I also have this book and while I believe that training regimens must be tailored to each person specifically, it is always helpful to have a plan, no matter what it is. In other words, to have something written down to do every day is motivation. I am currently in about week 4 of a mix of that Carmicheal program and a running program. I made it up taking elements of both because I have been rooked into an adventure race. Running is NOT my strong suit. However, I have noticed being stronger in both events. I am not sure if it is just the regularity of the program, or the program itself, but I am fitter. Much fitter than I was at this time last year. My spin seems smoother, most likely due to the "FastPedal" part of the program. And, because I am forced to ride a slower cadence than I am used to on certain days, my legs feel stronger. Going out at 65-70% of max HR may seem slow to you at first, but it really helps your aerobic fitness. I did do some aerobic base before starting this program, though.

Bottom line, try it out and see. Then, begin to modify it to your needs. Again, any program is better than just going out and riding aimlessly. That's fun, but unfortunately not very effective.
re: The Carmichael/Armstrong book......Greg O.
May 14, 2001 9:26 AM

I'm in week 3 of the beginer program, so far no problem keeping up with the program. I could have probably started at a higher level but I thought I would just follow exactly what Chris and Lance suggest. My question for you is "How did you break up the program and incorporate running in the schedule"?

Running use to be my strong suit but not anymore. I would just like a suggestion on how to work in somthing other than cycling.

re: The Carmichael/Armstrong book......Maillot Rouge
May 14, 2001 10:22 AM
I've been following the CC training system since he was posting it for free on last year. So I didn't do the 7 week plan but I have been using most of the workouts. I tailored a plan for myself based on my goals using the periodization techniques discussed in the book and on in this forum. I've seen a significant improvement in endurance and power over last year.

I am always annoyed by the book because IMO it is written for 4th graders, which isn't always a bad thing, and the constant "Lance does this" and "Lance would do that". It gets extremely tedious after a while. I understand it's for marketing but enough is enough, geesh. It's really Carmicheals training system that Lance follows, it's not like any of it was his idea.

However, with that said I would recommend this book to almost any beginning to intermediate level cyclist. The information presented appears to be tested and sound and they offer a lot of good tips.


Sorry, I know you didn't ask for a book report.