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Thank you, masked woman!(2 posts)

Thank you, masked woman!MeDotOrg
May 13, 2001 7:22 PM
I've had a couple of flats in the past few weeks. I've been riding without a spare, and my patch kit was getting thin. Yesterday I went with a friend to buy a bike for her daughter's 7th birthday, and picked up a patch kit while I was at the bike shop.

I left it at my friend's house.

Sure enough, today I flatted on the way up from a reservoir to Mount Tamalpais. Fortunately, there were a lot of Sunday riders. As I peeled off the tube and got out my patch kit, I got a lot of friendly "Need Anytbing?" queries from passing cyclists, to which I said "No thanks".

Found the leak and sanded the tube. When I started applying the glue, I was in for a surprise. It had the consistency of old rubber cement. It wouldn't hold the patch. I pressed a second patch on top of the first, hoping against hope that it would seal properly. No luck.

Now the road was empty of cyclists. I ate a Clif bar, trying not to think about what I should be thinking about. A cyclist appeared, pedaling easily up the grade. "Need anything?" she asked. "Actually, my glue is dried up" I said. She stopped.

A woman in her sixties, she was riding a Calfee Luna. She looked like she had the body fat content of a Marathoner.

She produced a new patch kit. "Here", she said, "just take it." She was riding ahead of a group, she told me, and if she had trouble one of them could help. I offered to pay her for the kit. All she would take was a dollar.

The kit worked. As I was finishing up about 10 minutes later, the rest of her group came by. Riders who looked to be a lot younger, she had blown them away.

Thank you, masked woman! Godspeed! And thanks to all who asked if I needed assistance.

Moral of the story: Glue dries up. Patch kits are cheap, especially when you consider the alternative. Thorns will search for your tire when you are most vulnerable.
re: it takes guts...Akirasho
May 13, 2001 7:31 PM
to admit to ANY woman that your glue has dried up...

Most cyclists are just that way... I'm of the ilk that the only payment I get need or deserve for services rendered is that you do the same when the time comes... even when bustin' by at 26 mph, ask (shout at) the rider at the side of the road if they need assistance...

Be the bike.