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Next Generation Look Pedals?(7 posts)

Next Generation Look Pedals?Randy Cabral
May 13, 2001 6:29 PM
I've been condsidering LOOK Pedals and have decided for the price they can't be beat. I think I'm going to purchase the new 357's. They are 180 grams which makes them about as light as speedplays. Does anybody know much about these next generation Lool pedals compared to the 256's and such. Thanks for your help!
re: Next Generation Look Pedals?Skip
May 13, 2001 6:35 PM
Sorry, but you've got your numbers wrong. The Look 357's are advertised at 380 g for the pair (190 g - each). Speedplay X-2's are 198 g for both pedals. Don't know what the Look's are like for riding though. Best of luck.
re: Next Generation Look Pedals?Bob in Indiana
May 13, 2001 8:41 PM
Newest? What are the Look 396's that are featured on this site's home page from Bikesmart...They say they are the 2001 model? But you guys seem to say 357's are newest model?

Thanks, I'm also considering upgrading pedals soon.
re: Next Generation Look Pedals?CyclingWolf
May 13, 2001 10:46 PM
I should receive my Look 396's today. I am a relatively new and been using Icon Dela Soles which came stock on my Trek 5200 since last August. I have been deeloping hotspots and foot numbness after about 30 miles, I have been researching new pedals and feel the Look's appear to be a possible solution..I will post my results soon!

The following taken from the official website for Look it appears their latest and greatest is the CX 7 (Carbon Fiber) weighing in at 170 grams per pedal but at a suggested retail of $350. I could not justify that expense as I ride purely for the health and recreation and hope to race in the near future. Their 2nd tier PP-396 (Replacing PP-296) Suggested Retail of $195 and weighing in at $185 grams (Aluminum Alloy) are the ones I have opted for. Then next tier is the PP-357(Update from PP-256) which I understand is the same as the PP-396 however without the tension adjustment features and lighter at 180 grams per pedal.

Hope this helps!
Thanks!Bob in Indiana
May 14, 2001 9:14 AM
I'm trying to decide between Speedplays and Looks, and your info was a nice assist. I'll checkout Look's site as well.
May 14, 2001 10:17 AM
Hey Cycling Wolf,

Qucik Q I also ride a Trek carbon (5500) with Icons, have had them for two yrs, but recently have been drivng me crazy. They creak so badly that I have had the entire BB services, plus all the bearing anyhere neat the pedals and cranks. Did you have this problem?
re: Next Generation Look Pedals?Chas
May 14, 2001 12:20 PM
Picked up a pair of 396's on ebay for $105.
Only have 200 miles on them but so far they have been great. Adjustable float works great and I have never had any trouble clipping in or out.

The large Look cleats are a bit cumbersome on foot and I would suggest you get the covers for them. I'm using the red cleats.