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10spd compatible wheels, hey what about them?(3 posts)

10spd compatible wheels, hey what about them?Alpine
May 11, 2001 5:19 AM
I just won an eBay auction for a 2001 Chorus 10spd group (minus the hubs) and plan to buy all of the other components online.
I'd like to know if the Rolf Sestriere, Velo Max Ascent and Spinergy Xaero rear hubs are really as compatible with 10spd as the Campy Nucleon and Electron wheels.
I can't afford to drop the cash on a wheelset to find that it "sorta works". Ten speed is tight already and I want as close to flawless shifting as possible.
Here are my mindless thoughts regarding each wheelset. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong or confirm my suspicions. (And yeah I wrote this same tread on the component board last night but this board seems to have a much large audience.)
I know if I don't mention the Mavic Ksyriums, someone will. I don't want them no matter how good they are. I ride over many exposed mountain passes on a routine basis. Almost every ride in fact. There are frequent wind shear/gusts and the last thing I want on a descent in such conditions is a high profile rim. And now on to the contenders:
The Sestrieres have good reviews but it seems their 10spd compat. version is relatively new. I like that they come with skewers and are trued conventionally. Very light apparently too.
Velo Max Ascents are very well liked too but that rear hub looks like a two year replacement with that narrow flange on the drive side. I could be wrong but how long have these wheels been out? Their 10spd version seems like a recent addition too and I want something with the bugs already ironed out.
Spinergy Xaeros look nice fer sure but they aren't on the review page and I've heard nothing about how they are working out. I know the other Spinergy semi-regular spoked wheels don't review well but these seem like they were designed from a different approach. I'd like to see some reviews though.
The factory Campy Nucleons and Electrons are in the mix as well. Light and no question regarding compatibility. I'm surprised there are no reviews for the Electrons though. Record hubs and a nice price. I'd think that there would be many reviews with that combination. Are the Electrons worthy?

re: 10spd compatible wheels, hey what about them?keith m.
May 11, 2001 7:26 AM
I've got 1000 miles on a set of spinergy SR-3's on campy ten with no complaints. These are the same as the xaeros but use steel bladed spokes instead of PBO fiber. They use
edco hubs (they roll fabulous)so I don't expect all the problems spinergy had with the 'R' model wheelsets. I ride some pretty rough roads and weigh 175 and so far no trueing. These wheels do inspire confidence on fast descents, they climb well and weigh just over 1700 grams (about the same as the Ksyriums). I would imagin the
xaeros ride even nicer with the PBO spokes. Team Mercury uses them.
you worry too much....dave
May 11, 2001 3:31 PM
As long as the hub takes a campy cassette, get whatever appeals to you.

I have Campy compatible Ksyriums and frequqntly ride them in high winds without a problem. The Ksyrium rim is definitely not any deeper than the Xaero rim.

The Ksyriums and Nucleons can be purchased significantly cheaper than some of the other models at or, if price is an issue.