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Which advice needed!(4 posts)

Which advice needed!Hoss
May 10, 2001 7:00 PM
I currently ride a '91 Pinarello Montello made of Columbus SLX and just got a great deal on a '95 Litespeed Catalyst frame. I have never ridden a Ti bike and am curious about the ride but I can only afford to keep one of them. The Montello is beautiful and the Litespeed is...well a Litespeed. Any opinions on ride similarities or words of advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
re: Which advice needed!Bob in Indiana
May 10, 2001 8:00 PM
I'm relatively new little advice is available from me, but if I understand your post, you already HAVE both bikes, but want someone else to tell you which one to keep?

Why don't you ride them both, and you decide?

I don't intend to sound sarcastic, and as I said, no expert opinion from this relative rookie, but if I read your post right, wouldn't it matter most what you think about the ride of both bikes, and thus you can decide which bike "feels" best?

Good luck.
re: Which advice needed!Alpine
May 10, 2001 11:18 PM
A hard call to make without knowing you well and your riding preferences. The Montello is a classic bike from the pro peloton of that era. You don't see many of them around here and I'd choose it as I enjoy having something that people will notice. I had one in Florida years ago and I'd see them occasionally. Having a Litespeed is like driving a chevy in the country. There's one around every turn. One big positive for the Catalyst though for where I live, it is certainly pounds lighter than the Montello.
I think though, if you can't afford to have two frames or a bike and a frame then maybe the fact that you bought the Litespeed is telling you something.
Hold on a second!!Thioderek
May 11, 2001 11:21 AM
Why do you have to get rid of one them? Do bikes really take up that much room?

I say hold onto both of them, or if money and parts are the issues, swap out the parts and hang the frame on the wall. You will always have a reminder of all the years and sweat you gave that bike. Eventually you will have enough money to built it up and restore it to its former glory. Maybe even get it repainted and have new decals put on it. I live in Brooklyn in a small apartment (compared to the rest of the US) and have always made room for my bikes. They are part of me.

My .02 cents.