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saddle numbness - love bike and love girlfriend(8 posts)

saddle numbness - love bike and love girlfriendMichael Gretton
May 10, 2001 5:28 AM
I am new to road riding. on my atb i could do centuries with no saddle problems at all so any type of saddle problem is very new to me. I now have a cannondale r600 with a crappy coda saddle. I feel numbness [ down there ;) ] after a simple 18 mile ride. I also think things haven't been as sensitive as the used to be prior to riding this bike. I am concerned because I LOVE MY NEW BIKE and I want to be out there....I also love my girlfriend. Should I get one of those fancy hollow seats or what? ANY ADVICE?
re: saddle numbness - love bike and love girlfriendJz
May 10, 2001 5:37 AM
I have had a similar problem, except with pain instead of numbness. Lucky me... Anyways, on my mtb I switched to a Specialized body geometry saddle and have never looked back. I actually had the same problem with the roadbike, but was able to cure it by adjusting the saddle so the nose pointed down just a hair. Mostly I had problems in the drops btw...which can definately be cured by the saddle adjustment if that is the case.
re: saddle numbness - love bike and love girlfriendDanish-Man
May 10, 2001 6:09 AM
Try the super saddle......I have two and they great
buy a Flite Trans-Am, or Max Trans -Am and love again!Largo
May 10, 2001 6:56 AM
Those are kick-a$$ saddles.
just use the same as your mnt bikejayz
May 10, 2001 7:20 AM
seems like that would solve all your probs...
i use the same saddle on everything....
keeps my bum used to one thing!!
May 10, 2001 9:03 AM
hey if it works why to look elsewhere?

also check tilt. on road bike you are in lower aerodynamic pos, that could cause additional pressure to sensintive area. I would just borrow seat from MTB try and if works get the same seat
re: saddle numbness - love bike and love girlfriendkeith m.
May 10, 2001 7:28 AM
Buy a new saddle, and if you love your girlfriend as you say, dont have sex with her until you get married. I'm sure she's worth the wait.
i was having this problem in reverse of yoursHaiku d'état
May 10, 2001 11:49 AM
road bike saddle was comfy (specialized bg comp), mtb saddle was painful and sometimes numbing. had tweaked the saddle position on the mtb, made sure my position on the bike was right, blah, blah, blah...bought my second road bike and ordered two specialized bg comp saddles from the s-store online. replaced the stock saddle on the new bianchi with a specialized bg comp, replaced the old bg comp on the specialized road bike with a new bg comp, replaced the $5 stock saddle on the mtb with the old bg comp, tweaked the positions on all of 'em, noooo problems whatsoever. finished two long rides on the last two weekends on the bianchi with new saddle, and other than a sore butt from sitting all day, no numbness or other problems.

i'm not sure if i buy the hype about the anotomic valley in the bg comp, as it's widely reputed as well as hailed by many, but it was affordable to replicate across three bikes, and is comfy for my butt. first and foremost, evaluate your saddle orientation and your body position on the bike. then, if that doesn't resolve the problem, consider a new saddle. good luck!