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Bike CAN be annoying (from a drivers perspective)(2 posts)

Bike CAN be annoying (from a drivers perspective)Jz
May 10, 2001 4:57 AM
I know I am gonna take some heat for this, but as a person who commutes in a car everyday I do find some of the bikes on the road kind of annoying. Let me explain: first off, I have a mtb and a roadbike, and of course I ride on the road a great deal of the time. I do my best to stay as far over as possible, but you have to mix it up with traffic from time to time. This is fine, and usually the roadbike guys seem to be pretty much in control. What I don't like is the large group of people, usually riding cheap mtb's, weaving in and out, going from the sidewalk into the street and back to the sidewalk, etc. A lot of these people are unpredictable, and as a driver, you find yourself watching out for the bike more than the other traffic. I don't care how much money you have invested in safety equipment, lights, reflectors and the like...some people simply don't have the skill to be riding on the road with traffic. Roadies tend to be light years ahead of your 'average bike rider' in terms of control and awareness (on the bike of course), but we make up a fairly small percentage of the people who are actually out on the roads. I don't really know what point I am trying to make with this post, it is just that sometimes I feel that some of the people on this board go a little over the edge with the anti automobile slogan. Cars are still the majority on the road, and in fact, they are why the roads exist (paved anyhow). From what I see everyday, it is no wonder cyclists get no respect from drivers. Any thoughts?
Pin Striped Highways,where's George Raft when you need 'em?Breck
May 11, 2001 7:33 AM
Smoky pool halls, my favorite type with 4X8 foot real-pockets green felt covered slate tables; one-cent-a-minute games; real pickled egg and hand full of pretzels for 15 cents; East Side beer on tap for a quarter. No ball-lane around the edges and no bike lanes out in the street where the cruiser is parked and locked just in Case(Tractors rule). What year & where? Long Beach Jo-Jo's Pool & Billiards, nine ball open pleeze, mid 60's.
Fast forward and Look Around Sergio, what do you see? Is the world more complex or simpler? No smoking in the pool halls. Imagine that John, and bike lanes solved all the auto-bike interface problemos, or not? Well Artesian if not then just one more time for the record Bob, got any rose thorns? My steel wind-up Victrola needles are a might worn and the needle-well's empty. You get to play only three sides afore the sound is muddled and the needle needs replacing ...& just like this subject of bike lanes always spiraling down from the outside into the little man-hole in the middle of the road for me, with ol' Thomas Crapper's name on it, p-trap aany one?
Trucker's Perspective: Just as the old tyme choo choo trains had the cow(bull, steer, etc.) catchers to get the unwanted beasts off the track, in like manner we need a truck bikerider-catcher to do the same. Scoop em' up and toss 'em aside onto the concrete sidewalk & watch out runners one's coming your way.
RoadieBiker's Perspective: Remove the bike lane stripes; I will not ride up against the curb no way no how cause it isn't flat there though that's where they(the flats) are. Am watchin' for the damn steel-on-wheels anyhow, esp. the fat men and ladies in the SUV's. Hay it's dangerous Pal, they seem to say, crowdin' you just to show just how dangerous it really is. Take the little bimbats to the soccer game and make em' wear a helmet & hope they don't grow up to be bikers, Waylon & Willie.
The Big Picture: Neither Bikes nor Trucks nor roadside ducks are going away anytime soon. Give the nit-wit-bikers no margin & keep sum old root-eyed potatoes to chunk at the nit-wit driver power machines crusin' the same pathways gets you where your goin' to & from.

cheers all