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Sore Calvs(2 posts)

Sore CalvsWild Bill
May 9, 2001 5:49 AM
I think I need to change my set up on my bike or move my cleats? This is a new bike,pedals,and shoes this year and I set it up the same as my old one(I think)???
Any way when I ride my calvs get a burn and after the ride they are tender.
Does anyone have advice for this problem?
re: Sore Calvsrollo tommassi
May 9, 2001 11:55 AM
depends on what part of the calve muscle is tender (there are two 'heads' of the soleus, plus additional members to the posterior)

Typically in cyclists pain or soreness of the calf muscles is alleviated by fore/aft adjustment of the saddle. Are you experiencing any irritation of the Achilles?

Although the new bike is set up same as the old, there must still be a difference in the frames, probably in the BB location (in relation to wheelbase) and the seat tube angle.

I am assuming from your post that both legs are sore equally (this eliminates leg length discrepancy or supination issues in the feet) If you are not suffering knee pain, cleat alignment laterally seems to be fine, but the second adjustment could also be fore/aft of the cleat (but ball of foot should be centered over the axle to begin with)

Remember, when making adjustments to fit, only make one change at a time.