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Tubular tyre - gluing(3 posts)

Tubular tyre - gluingixiz
May 8, 2001 5:38 AM
I have mainly used Conti's all these years but recently i got some Gomittalia and some Veloflex. The new tubies base tape seem to be coated with a layer of slick substance and I am a little concern about the adherance to the rim. I actually peeled out an installed set to check - seems ok but not as sticky as the contis.

Other concern - i got a set of 20mm gommitalia and the only section glued on the rim is the center section of my box gel 280 rim. Does that mean this tubie is not suitable for this rim ? Or do i have to apply a thicker layer of glue ??

Thanks for any suggestions
re: Tubular tyre - gluingDog
May 8, 2001 7:44 AM
If the Veloflexes are like Vittorias, with the smooth base tape instead of the Conti uncoated base tape, you'll be fine. My Vittorias stick so well I nearly cannot remove them. The primary difference is that the smooth tape requires about 1/3 the glue, as it does not soak it up like the Conti tape.

As long as the rim is fully covered with glue, you should be ok. After gluing, let is dry for a day or so fully inflated, then try to pry the tire off with your hands. If you cannot loosen it, it's on well. Might try lower pressure to half and trying it again. If you find loose spots, deflate and squirt some glue in the loose spots, then reinflate and let dry.

I usually will give the rim two good coats of glue, letting the first one dry, then installing the tire on the wet second coat. Methods vary, but this has worked for me.

re: Tubular tyre - gluingrollo tommassi
May 8, 2001 8:04 AM
It sounds as if there is excess latex on the base tape, a result of the layering-up process of manufacturing where the tread/tube/base tape are joined together. It may not be possible to remove it now if you've glued over it, but normally this could be done with some sand paper.

I'm not too good with chemistry, but the thing to wonder is if the latex bonds with the glue, and hence to the actual base tape? If it does not seem as sticky as you say, then you should try to remove the old glue to get to the latex and remove it too.

As for the 20mm Gommitalia, it does sound a bit narrow for a 280 GEL, but I don't know what the rim width is. Even if your Contis' were also 20mm, the Gommitalias may have a more narrow profile; Applying more glue may not be a good solution, as you are likely to have glue on the sidewall of the tire instead of the base tape.