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Silca Floor Pump(5 posts)

Silca Floor PumpJC in SEA
May 8, 2001 1:50 AM
How do you use these damm things... after reading all of the glorious reviews I purchased one and cannot get the thing to work. The basic problem is that the head will not stay locked on the valve stem (presta) unless I hold it on there with one hand and pump with the other... in which case I'd probably be better off blowing the tire up myself.

Any help would be appreciated.
re: Silca Floor PumpPressurecase
May 8, 2001 2:30 AM
Mine screws on with a brass barrel. The other type have a flip-lock on the top - you push it on and flip it over. Make sure you are using the right rubber inside bit for the type of value you are using (they switch from car to Presta) or it will blow off...
Same frustrationPaulCL
May 8, 2001 6:57 AM
It's a pain in the a** to screw the head onto the valve everytime. I just hold it in place with one hand and pump with the other. If you have the right insert (for presta) the head usually will stay on by itself. One of these days, I am going to buy a replacement head of the type that locks on. The new heads are only a few bucks at Excel or CC.
user error?Jiggy
May 8, 2001 7:16 AM
Sound like you have a worn washer. Pay the 75c to replace it or just tighten the head.
re: Silca Floor Pumpzelig1
May 8, 2001 9:02 AM
I assume that you have the Silca valve chuck for presta valves which is what is normally supplied. Before getting a new washer, try tightening the head of the valve chuck a bit which will compress the washer and create a tighter fit around the valve. Try this a few times as I use this technique as the hole the washer begins to wear over time and it prolongs the life before replacement.

Another cause may be that not enough of the valve extends beyond the rim, due to valve length, rim height or both, and consequently the fat part of the valve body, the straight-walled portion after the taper by the presta valve screw, is not being gripped by the washer. In this case you may want to find tubes with a slightly longer valve body. I use the Michelin A1 tubes and Mavic open rims which work fine.

Good luck