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Any advice?(3 posts)

Any advice?BC
May 7, 2001 3:07 PM
I have my first 20 kilometer TT next month, June 10. What are some things I need? I was considering getting cowhorn bars, aero bars and bar end shifters. What are some good workouts for these? Also, what is a good time for 20k?


re: Any advice?grz mnky
May 7, 2001 5:42 PM
I'd say spending extra $$$ on equipment for the bike will only have a small payoff in comparison to what you can do about your body. To be sure aero bars will give you a boost, but a set of RCOs (Race Clip Ons) should be fine - they're less work to install/remove. Just getting used to them takes a few rides. Getting into the proper position and learning to be efficient takes longer.

I think you'd get better returns on getting a heart rate monitor, the Heart Rate Lactate Pulse (or something like that) Training book and do intervals. People like to focus on spending money on equipment which does play a role, but focusing on the motor is harder and more painful. It would be best not to get too hyped up about your first TT - you're going to find that some pretty unassuming people on ordinary equipment are complete animals. The secret, besides picking the right parents ;-), is how they train. The HRM is like having a tachometer for your heart.
Training?Kerry Irons
May 7, 2001 7:33 PM
You should be working on training more than equipment. Do 3 minute intervals (TT pace or a little faster) with 3 minutes recovery, 5 reps, with plenty of warmup and cooldown time. A more difficult interval set is stair steps - hold constant rpm for one minute in each gear as you shift up throug 5 consecutive gears and then shift back down, one minute per gear. You'll learn quickly which gear to start in. Always have at least one recovery day ride between each interval day.

Getting aero bars now would probably give you enough time to adapt to them by mid-June. Note that if you have a decent saddle set back now and are getting low on your bike, aero bars may just constrict your breathing rather than give you an advantage. That's why TT bikes have a more forward seat postion and/or steeper seat tube angle. But just shifting forward on your road bike may goof up the handling.

A good time is a relative thing. If you want to win your state/region championship, you'd better be well under 30 minutes for 20K. Still, 30 minutes would be about 25 mph, putting you in the top 1% or better of cyclists. Many riders would be happy to average 22 mph, or even 20 for this distance. Since it is your first TT, whatever time you post will be a personal record. Be happy with that.