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Is it my imagination...(8 posts)

Is it my imagination...seth1
May 7, 2001 11:43 AM
or are more and more pro-riders wearing helmets? Seems to me that even a few years ago barely anyone was wearing them, and now when ever I see pictures of races most of the field has them on.
May 7, 2001 12:54 PM
I've noticed it too. Maybe with the deaths and serious injuries to so many within the peloton (Otxoa brothers, Fabio Casartelli, etc.)they are starting to use their heads.
Untilgrz mnky
May 7, 2001 1:02 PM
Until near the end of the race at which point they all toss their helmets and sprint like hell looking for any advantage in terms of weight and windage.

Just wait unitl after the TdF - seems that you see a significant number of local riders suddenly without helmets.

Gotta ask yourself if you feel lucky.
Just goes to show...PaulCL
May 7, 2001 1:20 PM
...what peer pressure does. I'm sure that its "uncool" within the pro peloton to wear a helmet. Our local teams require any rider wearing team colors to be in a helmet or they are in trouble or off the team.
I see too many riders on the streets without helmets - using the excuse that "we never needed them when I was a kid"...what a stupid excuse. As a father of three active children, I try to be a good example. We have a house rule: on your bike (scooter, rollerblades,etc.) without a helmet, you lose that toy for a week. That goes for Dad too!! One good side-effect of a recent bike wreck of mine (that put me into the ER) was that every parent on my street bought and required the usage of a helmet for their kids. Oops, sorry to rant...but I know a helmet has saved my life or at least my brain.
Just goes to show...Larry Meade
May 7, 2001 1:50 PM
It is also possible that you are seeing pictures from races in countries that require helmet use. There are several countries in Europe where the racers are required to wear helmets. I seem to remember the Tour going into Belgium(?) one year and the riders having to wear helmets while they were riding in that country.

May 7, 2001 4:13 PM
use it...don't bruise it...
May 7, 2001 2:04 PM
It is illegal to ride( or race) in belguim without a helmet, which may explain some of the riders you have seen.
I hear they do that in "Belgium" too.9WorCP
May 7, 2001 5:57 PM
I'm on a smart-assed spell checker kick. Look out!