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Differcnce in ride between mid-priced & high-priced frame.(6 posts)

Differcnce in ride between mid-priced & high-priced frame.cojohn
May 7, 2001 11:12 AM
Is there a differance in the way a high-end steel frame (ie: serrotta, etc) and and a midpriced steel-frame (ie:an Ibis Stinky, etc)ride. If so, what is the differance. If I'm not planning on doing crits, but just like to go fast, carve corners and go for long rides, does it matter. Which will be more comfortable. Lastly, can you give me any suggestions of some really nice riding (smooth) bikes in each catagory.
It's like Beauty.....grz mnky
May 7, 2001 12:58 PM's all in the eye of the beholder.

It comes down what you can perceive unless you're looking for a trophy then it matters what others think, but this will change in time like fashions. You gotta get out there and ride a bunch of different bikes AND the fit has to be right. My OCLV was a solid ride and a means to an end, but there was no passion - just get the job done. My Serotta Legend Ti gets me all worked up just thinking about it. I want to go ride just b/c it feels so sweet. When I ride, I tend to ride harder.

Although I haven't riden one, you should be quite pleased with custom steel Serotta as well. If your size or fiting requirments vary much from the norm then this will be important. What more can you say about the mass produced middle of the road bikes? Do some test rides and see if you can notice the difference - Serotta has a test ride program with some of their dealers.
re: Differcnce in ride between mid-priced & high-priced frame.dejohn
May 7, 2001 1:08 PM
mainly a few ounces of weight...dave
May 7, 2001 3:18 PM
If both frames have the same size tubes, and similar geometry, the ride should not be significantly different. Bicycle Guide did a steel bike comarison a few years ago, testing identical Mondonico steel frames, made from a variety of Columbus tube sets. The low end "Brain" tubing rode as well as any of them, but it was heavier.

The ride will get harsher if the frame has oversized or bladed tubes. Something to avoid, if you want a smooth ride.

If you want a really nice $900 frame, check out the Tommasini Sintesi at Colorado Cyclist. The Sintesi has a lot better quality finish than most bikes in this price range. The chrome work and paint are top notch. A lot of bikes in this price range have no chrome and a very plain paint job. I rode a Sintesi for 4 years and always enjoyed it. The only frame I've liked better is the Colnago C-40.
The Tommasini is a good choice. Also worth considering...Allen
May 7, 2001 6:43 PM
The most important feature in my opinion is geometry. Look for these names: Tommasini Sintesi, Moser (Pro Evo would be a great choice), Merckx Strada or Corsa, LeMond. These are all lower priced frames that will give you a first class ride at the expense of a tiny amount of grams.
The seat tubes on these tend to be more laid-back, which you want unless you are only riding to the store and back.
May 7, 2001 6:24 PM
I ride Waterford 2200's (Reynold's 853 steel)and everyone has his own preference, whether it be Alum., Steel, Carbon, Ti, whatever; and that's why they offer a selection of colors (we are all different!).....Providing the frame is fitted to you, the difference will be absolutely unbelievable, even if the same manufacturer...Fit first, quality second...