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hey 12x23, how was your 3 state / 3 mountain this weekend?(6 posts)

hey 12x23, how was your 3 state / 3 mountain this weekend?Haiku d'état
May 7, 2001 9:01 AM
didn't see you along the route...but i was in the autobus .
re: hey 12x23, how was your 3 state / 3 mountain this weekend?12x23
May 7, 2001 12:31 PM
Enjoyed 3 st/3 mtn, except for not being able to walk over to the Sports Barn for a shower afterward. Also, the left turn off Hwy 11 at about 75 miles was marked wrong. I questioned that initially but remembered the organizer stating there were some changes in the route and (ass)umed this was one. I followed the arrow and ended up in Trenton, Ga. I went about eight miles out of the way, so I guess I did 1.08 centuries.

I rushed home afterward to rest for the Cheaha Challenge on Sunday. During the night my power was off at some point giving my alarm clock amnesia. That really upset me because Cheaha is my favorite.

How was your ride? It appears you survived Burkhalter Gap.
re: hey 12x23, how was your 3 state / 3 mountain this weekend?Haiku d'état
May 7, 2001 1:56 PM
once i got to that turn before the small mountain before lookout mountain, they'd learned of the mis-markings and were correcting them and rerouting us hangers-on.

well, my first century and first mountain experience were good ones (is that proper grammer?). suck creek mountain was BEAUTIFUL, and my first climbing in ernest. i was in a pack off the back of the main field, and it stretched into a long, thin line just after the climb began, and i conserved and held my own. beautiful climb. NICE, fast descent. sand mountain was a bit painful, steep, and with hairy switchbacks on the way up. oh, and the road surface sucked. i felt robbed of a good descent--it was short and not much fun. lookout mountain and burkhalter gap, well, i decline to use the words that come to mind. i rode as far up the gap as i could (not far), then i got off and pushed, head bowed in reverence to the incline. seems the climb came at just over 80 miles into the ride, it was prefaced with a good, steep climb over a small mountain not on the cue sheet, and it was about 15% for just under/over a mile toward the top. no tree canopy, blacktop, midday sun, arrrrgh (!). people were dropping like flies. in the 40 minutes i struggled up the climb, pushing the bike, (i have NO clue how long i walked up that climb in those shoes with look cleats, maybe 40 minutes), there were zero folks actually pedaling that passed me. many stopped and layed down on the roadside, many quit and took the broom wagon to the top. i knew that there were 20 rolling (rolling being a relative term) miles atop and down lookout mountain between this push and the finish, so i pushed the and thought about my kid. also talked about my kid to whomever would listen as i passed them or they passed me. it was a death march. i feel i could have ridden it to the top; i was strong, legs not cramping (yet), no bonk, no 80-mile wall, well fed and hydrated the whole way, but i was HOT to the point of getting chilled and goosebumps on the arms, so i took my time and played it safe and saved it for the last 20 miles. there were sag guys on motorcycles riding up and down burkhalter gap ferrying water to those walking or otherwise pausing on the road. i turned down three or more offers for a ride to the top in the back of a truck or SUV (ride support).

rested for 15-20 minutes at the sag atop burkhalter, which was appropriately an ambulance and firetruck with a tent. refueled, recharged and finished strong. total ride time was 9 hours 4 minutes, total time on or pushing the bike was 7 hours 40 minutes, total distance 102 miles, averaging a whopping 13.3 MPH. should have taken the computer off the mount for the push up burkhalter gap. if i had, i suspect my actual ride average speed would have been 14.3 mph or better.

already planning for next year.

i'm working on a detailed ride report, first century stuff that i learned, my training plan for the year to date, etc., that i'll post on my website once it's complete. the pics are in a roll of film (yep, i carried a 35 mm camera the whole way) along with those from last weekend's hilly metric and to be joined soon by next weekend's ozarks rides. once developed, i'll scan 'em and put 'em online. nice ones.

thanks for the advice before the ride. THANKS EVERYONE for the advice and reflection. my longest ride before this one was 62, and i crossed three mountains, 102 miles and 7,600 feet of elevation gain and finished strong (if slow), and am ready for the next one!
just realized i spelled gramme(a)r wrong. doh. (nm)Haiku d'état
May 7, 2001 2:12 PM
May 7, 2001 8:47 PM
Good luck next week.
May 7, 2001 2:19 PM
that (or who, which one is proper grammar? >:) ) offered advice, experience and encouragement (and some warnings) in response to my pre-ride post. i really appreciate you guys. geez, i'm gettin' all teary-eyed. ok, just kidding.

big thanks.