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miles?(8 posts)

May 7, 2001 6:31 AM
I know I asked this question before, but let me rephrase it: Does anyone have any idea how two rides (to work and home) that add up to ~26 miles correlate to one ride of 25 miles? I know I have to ride when I can, but I am curious about the benefits/downsides.

Also, what do you guys average for miles a week?

it's all easy milesclimbo
May 7, 2001 6:47 AM
for me 30 miles a day commuting is good active recovery days and then I put in longer days before or after work Tues or Thursday's. I can also squeeze in some intervals in an hour ride so commuting works out well for me. Plus, I'd rather ride than drive anyway. Avg week? I don't really take much notice of miles but without including race days I would train about 200.
Depends on what you do with the miles...shmoo
May 7, 2001 7:39 AM either case. If it were my commute, I'd probably go relatively easy in the AM (so as not to leave a wake of BO behind me for the rest of the day), but go hard on the way home. IMO, you can only make short miles worth while, if you go hard. Same with the 25 miler - it's a matter of intensity. What I'm saying is that you can't simply compare miles to miles - they don't add up that way. A hard 12 miles, say just below your AT, is more beneficial than an easy 25 (again, IMO). It's how you make "trash" miles into good ones.
2 short = 1 long, they say (but I don't believe it)Cory
May 7, 2001 10:03 AM
Saw two studies a couple of years ago that said "for general fitness," it made very little difference if you got one 40-minute walk a day or just parked your car 10 minutes from work and walked both ways morning, night and at lunch. That was just for prevention of heart disease, though, not serious training, and it really doesn't take much exercise to show benefit there.
I'm in the same position you are--a 22-mile round trip commute I can bike three or four days a week, but not much time otherwise. I try to think of the commute as an aerobic base early in the season, then as recovery time later on. Seems to work OK if I can get in one long ride on the weekends.
2 short = 1 long, they say (but I don't believe it)if5
May 7, 2001 11:42 AM
Thanks for the replies. Based on the fact that I don't race and pretty much suck at this whole riding thing (but I like it!) I will probably get in better shape from the commute and I won't miss as many rides!
2 short = 1 long, they say (but I don't believe it)TypeOne
May 7, 2001 2:03 PM
Yeah, it's the quality not the quantity of miles. I go a hard, hilly 10 miles in the morning and afternoon and it seems to be good training. If I were to turn around and go straight home after reaching the office, I doubt I would get as much benefit from the 10 miles home as I do when I ride the same route after work.
Of course, I have to do some longer rides on weekends, too.
Maybe I can think of work as extended recovery time between intervals. I honestly don't know why I ride so hard in the mornings--why I am hurrying to work?
2 short = 1 long, they say (but I don't believe it)look271
May 7, 2001 6:01 PM
I usually go hard coming home; actually I don't have much of a choice-it's all uphill! I'll take it easy, though, if I'm doing a long ride the next day or 2. It's an easy way to get in some miles (13-my commute both ways) an a half decent training ride.
re: miles?tommyb
May 7, 2001 7:41 PM
My only concern about shorter rides (10 miles or so) is the lack of a good warm-up prior to going hard. As I get older, it takes me longer to warm up enough before my first interval. (10 years ago, a double shot of espresso was my warm-up, and a cold beer was the cool-down; ride hard in between.) I now ride 8 - 10 miles fairly easy before digging in deep. My commute is 27 miles each way, so it gives me plenty of time to warm-up, go hard, cool down. It makes for a long day, though, and I only commute by bike 2 times per week. It's actually more convenient when I'm working the night shift, and I tend to get better rides.