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cleat placement/knee pain(2 posts)

cleat placement/knee paingot2ryd
May 7, 2001 5:16 AM
i recently started using a new pedal/cleat combo on my road bike. went from look to speedplay. (and im using the frogs because i had a spair pair). anyway, i started have bad pain right below my left patella in the ligament. i have chondromalacia of the patella in this knee, but have not had a problem before like this. can it be from having my cleat too far foward on the shoe? since then i have moved the cleat back a little, but have not been back out for a ride yet. giving it a little rest.
note, i dont have pain in the right knee (cleats were matched up) and i try to maintain a high cadence (not pushing huge gears).
any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
re: cleat placement/knee painsimstress
May 7, 2001 1:15 PM
I went from Look to X-2 this season. My shop swapped out the pedals and cleats and set up the new cleats in the same position on the shoe as the old ones. After a mild flare up of heel pain, I checked the cleats and found they were rather outboard and forward of the balls of my feet. Now I know that you can't just install a new type of cleat based on the position of some other kind of cleat-- you have to account for the balls of your feet and how the cleat mates with the pedal. No heel pain since repositioning my cleats!

Also, I had to drop my saddle a cm or so when I made the switch. I'm not sure if Frogs have the same low profile as the X series, so you may or may not need to drop your saddle. Good luck.