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Decision(2 posts)

May 6, 2001 9:23 PM
Hello all!

I just broke my bike (Sora Shifter) and since it cannot be repaired and must be replaced (?) it has spurred me to this question. Do I replace it at a cost of 130.00 (new tape and labor at the LBS and shifter) or trade it in and get a new bike?

Pros of a new bike
- NOT a TREK 1000 (2000 edition)
- Better comp on new bike (tiagra) (sp??)
- Frame that might be fitted to me better?

- More money
- Don't know if its worth the money? Only put 150 miles on old bike last year. Job change and training for running race. I want to get mor into biking but wanting and doing it are two different things.
- Buying a new bike at beginning of season is cost INeffective. (BTW-2000 models are sold out.

Any help or insight would be appreciated. BTW the new bike I am looking at is a specialized allez. (949.00) Plus tax

Tom Quinn
re: DecisionGregJ
May 6, 2001 11:43 PM
I think you need to ride more to justify a new bike. Sora works, Tiagra is only slightly better. I would say fix it, ride it frequently for a couple of years and then spring for something 105 or Ultegra. To put things in perspective and maybe help you get motivated, a lot of folks that post on this board probably ride 150 miles per WEEK. How did you break it, I would try to get Shimano to warranty it if it was not your fault.