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drops to flatbars& 7 to 8 speed conversion(2 posts)

drops to flatbars& 7 to 8 speed conversionGreenie
May 6, 2001 12:03 PM
Any recomendations(specific models and makes which might still be available at a decent price please) on what I should use to change my wife's Brigstone RB-T (OBG bike) from drop bars with barcon shifters to flat handle bars and either grip or rapid shift combi levrs?

It has Shimano Rx 100 (GS) front and rear with an HG 13-26 7 speed hub. --Which shifters(models & makes) will cause me the least pain if i have to go for 8 speed? Also when the cassette wears out could i switch to an 8 speed cassette and chain with the RX 100(GS) front and rear d's if I go with an 8 speed SRAM or rapidfire shiftre now.

Thanks in advance--ps any recomendations on an adjustable stem post to go with it?
re: drops to flatbars& 7 to 8 speed conversionSpoke Wrench
May 6, 2001 7:51 PM
Unless you are replacing the rear wheel, the 7 to 8 speed conversion is more trouble than it's worth. It requires a new (wider) freehub body, messing with the axle spacers and redishing the wheel.

Any 7 speed grip shift or rapid fire shifter will work with the stuff you have. Grip shift has the advantage of offering the choice of a non-indexed left shifter which isn't as picky to set up. In case you're interested, this might be a good time to install a mountain bike derailleur and wide range cassette to give her an easier hill climb gear. Just be sure to use a new, longer, chain too.

In spite of what another recent poster has said, I don't recommend mixing 8-speed shifters with 7-speed cassettes. The difference in spacing is just enough that it can work - sort of, but tends to shift funny. It's the kind of thing that I might do on a personal beater bike, but I'd never do it on a customer bike.