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Griffen Bikes(3 posts)

Griffen BikesStevey2001
May 5, 2001 7:52 PM
Any opinions on Griffen Bikes?
re: Griffen Bikesmike mcmahon
May 5, 2001 8:51 PM
I have a Griffen mountain bike, which I purchased in '96. After about three months of riding, the frame snapped in two at the junction of the head tube and top tube/seat tube. The frame snapped at a location I had ridden through dozens of times with no problem; it was clearly not a case of abuse. Getting a replacement was an interesting and exasperating experience. The shop that sold me the bike refused to do anything about it, despite the fact it has engaged in some fishy behavior. I suspect that the frame was a give-away or team bike of some sort that was passed off as new. For example, the bike's serial number had been filed off the frame. Because the serial number was missing, Griffen first refused to replace the frame. However, after realizing that the shop (which is one of the biggest names in the L.A. area) was going to do nothing about it, Griffen replaced the frame free of charge. Not only did they replace the frame, the guys at Griffen built up the new frame free of charge with all of the components from the broken frame. The bottom line is that the frame it lightweight and a pleasure to ride. The guys at Griffen were great to deal with once they got past their initial reluctance to become involved. I've never ridden one of their road bikes, but my impression is that they market primarily to triathletes. I also recall that they had some initial problems with their metal matrix frames, which may explain my broken frame. However, I think they've worked out the bugs now and the frames are reliable. Also, if you happen to live in southern California, Griffen is nearby and seems to be accessible to its customers. That's the extent of my Griffen experience and knowledge.
BTW,mike mcmahon
May 5, 2001 8:53 PM
in case I didn't make it perfectly clear in my previous message, I'm certain that Griffen had no involvement in the questionable tactics I experience at the bike shop. I haven't returned to that shop for a purchase and never intend to go back again.