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Oh oh! Knee pain! Any ideas?(9 posts)

Oh oh! Knee pain! Any ideas?Largo
May 5, 2001 9:31 AM
Have started getting some WEIRD knee pain. It seems to be right on the patella. Hurts when i spin, but goes away when climbing. Almost feels like a pressure behind the patella, or the bottom. Doesn't feel like tendonitis, more of an ache.
Took 3 days off, lots of icing, stretching, got back on the bike for an easy ride, and there it is.
Seat height doesn't seem to be an issue.
Any thoughts?
fore aft positionishmael
May 5, 2001 12:18 PM
all i can imagine it could come from would be that or if you cleat position..or too many miles or hills..
Have a breakJon Faro
May 5, 2001 1:29 PM
I know it's not what you want to hera but have at least a fortnight break and go see a doctor. I have had knee problems for the last five years (I'm 18) and after totaly screwqing up my right knee last years and having to have a month on crutches my right knee (the one I buggered) has been fine and my left ones still dodgy

I here you.Largo
May 5, 2001 3:19 PM
I just talked to my doc/riding partner, and its most likely Bursitis, or an inflamation behind the patella.
1 race tomorrow, then a week off (thats a fortnight, right?)
Yeah! Rest days! Beer, women, parties! Right.
re: Oh oh! Knee pain! Any ideas?dustin73
May 5, 2001 3:33 PM
you know, i've started experiencing some weird pains in my knee lately, too. i notice it after i take a hot shower. i'll be going up some stairs and it'll feel like my knee wants to "give out" or something. and there's this little popping (like when you pop you knuckles) whenever i put weight on it to go up the stairs. it's been happening for about a month now...i hope it doesn't get too bad...
May 5, 2001 5:17 PM
1st rule people is if you are in pain from training of any type you are doing too much so take a break. You need good knees for 60-70 years maybe more and to have problems at 18 is terrible to hear. Giving up cycling altogether is better than a life of knee pain and serious mobility problems no question. Even a year off the bike will not fatally set back a long term plans if fitness is retained through other activities.

The only knee pain I ever had in the past I have found was due to lack of lubrication of the joints. Thousands of revolutions the knee is not designed to take so all cyclists should make sure they consume oil before a ride. Put it on some food or drink it but just make sure you have a fair serving. Anyone laughing at this point should try it. I always encountered knee pain as a rule 1 1/2 hours into a ride but have not had any pain atall since starting to take oil before setting out. You need to warm up the knee area with a light massage too to get the blood flow going. I think blood will carry the oil - my brother worked in a haematology dept and he said you could see the oil floating on a blood sample after someone had eaten a high fat meal. My mate also had knee pain for years while hiking before I told him to check his diet - now no pain. On long rides I take creamed coconut (very high in fat) every so often to keep well lubed up. You oil yer chain so why noy yer knees? Anyone else do it?
KneesJon Faro
May 6, 2001 12:36 PM
The reason my knees are weird is growing pains, yes I'm growing at 18 but it's cos I didnt start till late. I asked the specialist when I buggered my knee and he said cycling was fine. I even discussed SDP's wity him. It's better then jogging as there are less impacts

May 6, 2001 3:02 PM
When I was 18 Jon I had no growing pains. When I was 8-9 yes once or twice I had instants of shooting pain but nothing lasting a time period. People starting cycling as adults don't necessarily get knee problems so because you didn't start till what 13? doesn't explain it. Jogging is definately NOT less damaging than cycling. Damage is usually done by overtraining and it happens in all sports. Agreed low impact cycling won't give u an impact injury (unless u fall off) but will give u a whole host of other 'abrasive' injuries to tendons and your knee joints etc. Similarly jogging will less likely give you cycling style injuries but will give you the impact ones. You shouldn't explain away pain or ignore it. If it's there it is real and you need to alter what you are doing and allow recovery/rebuilding or potentially do long term damage which won't go away. Man at 18 you have time to take a break for while and see what happens - in the long run you need those knees.
Has anything changed? And stretching.Rich Clark
May 5, 2001 5:31 PM
If you've changed anything in your setup, that's obviously the first place to look. New shoes? New saddle? New seatpost? Anything that can affect knee extension should be checked.

Do you stretch when you ride? Some people say cyclists don't need to stretch, but sometimes knee pain is a clear indication that you do. I once had terrible tendonitis problems in both knees; it's largely gone now, but the pain gets worse if I don't stretch after warming up and again after the ride. (Yeah, sometimes I don't, but I usually regret it if I go two rides in a row without stretching.)

My knee problems were all related to fit issues. On one bike, going to shorter cranks was all I needed to do. On the other, which I finally had to sell, I couldn't get the saddle back far enough to move my knees over the pedal spindles.

If this persists, though, don't let it snowball. Get appropriate medical help, particularly imaging to rule out an actual injury as the cause.

Good luck,