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I Won!! What are your thoughts?(3 posts)

I Won!! What are your thoughts?CyclingWolf
May 4, 2001 11:33 PM
Hello fellow cyclists!

I have been just informed tonight by email that I was the winner of the set of Ultegra Wheelset Contest here on which totally caught me off guard as I never win anything (Grin seriously)

Here is my situation...with anticipation of receiving my wheels here is what I am currently riding 99' 5200 Trek OCLC (Grey Not Postal Colors) with the Ultegra/Icon stock equipment which means I currently have on my bike Rolf Vector Comp wheelset with a double chain ring. I ride 100% at the moment for the health & fitness (Lost over 35 lbs since I started Mtn Biking/Road Biking here in Williamsburg, VA last July) I ride approx 100 miles a week on the Road Bike and 30-40 on my Mtn. Bike (Stock Trek 6000)more miles as time permits. I attempted my 1st A/B Paceline last weekend and got spit out 1/2 way out due to a coughing spell..this is a Sat. morning ride by my LBS (BikeBeat, Inc. here in Williamsburg, VA shameless plug as I designed their website (Grin))which consist of a few area Pro riders and a few of the William & Mary Cycling Team and others not known at this time. I am sure I will get the full scoop from my LBS on my new winnings but thought I would throw it out to see what others have to say...I will continue attempting the Sat morning ride until I am able to hang with them (I have fallen for this sport 110%) I am constantly reading all the post on here, as well as reading all the suggested a side note will be receiving new Look pedals (396 I think) and just purchased some nice Carbon Nike Poggio' yes I yearn to race in the fire away and look forward to your responses....

Being new to this sport which wheelset should I continue using and which do I move to back-up?
re: I Won!! What are your thoughts?Ian
May 5, 2001 9:48 AM
Congratulations! Unfortunately, what you now have is six of one, half dozen of the other. One question for you, do you have the white 99' Trek or the silver 00' Trek? Either way the silver color of the Shimano wheelset will probably look better than the red Vector Comps that came on both of those bikes. I had the 00' Trek and swapped out the red Comps for black ones when I bought it. I really wanted the Shimano wheelset but at $175 more reatail, I couldn't justify it. Anyway, the reason I made the six of one... comment is that both of these wheelsets weigh about the same, use 2.0mm bladed spokes, close to the same number of spokes and a similar rim. I would be really surprised if you could perceive any performance difference between the two. So, I would say use the pair that you like the looks of better and keep the others as a backup. Or I could open up another can of worms and say sell the Shimano wheelset and get something else...

re: I Won!! What are your thoughts?Cyclingwolf
May 6, 2001 11:58 PM
Hello Ian,

Thanks for your response. Your correct I have the Silver '00 Trek 5200. Well none the less I will experiment with the new Shimano set. What pedals are you using on your Trek? Been riding the Icons that came on the bike and upgrading to the Look 396's (Black) hopefully this week..and bought the Blue Nike Poggio's kinda excited to try these out. Been developing hotspots and numbness in my feet after about 30 miles so hoping the wider platform of the Look's resolve this!

Again thanks!

George Marsh
Williamsburg, VA