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Bicycles in ART?(5 posts)

Bicycles in ART?Brian N
May 4, 2001 8:27 AM
Hey guys,

I have a question: can anyone think of famous pieces of art that have bicycles in them? I know that there is a Picasso painting which has bicycles that are celeste colored (I wonder who made them ;) but cannot think what it is called. Anyone know?


ps- any hints where I can get a decent print of the picasso? my grad school stipend won't allow for the real thing...
I'm glad you asked that question ...bianchi boy
May 4, 2001 12:18 PM
Check out this link:

It's from the Vittoria tires web site, and they have an extensive collection of bicycle related art, with pictures posted on their website.

I am almost certain that the pointilist artist Seraut did a painting with a bicycle featured prominently. You should be able to find a book with his paintings in a decent library.

I am a painter, myself, and keep thinking I should do some bicycle paintings. I mostly paint landscapes. The problem with painting a picture with bikes is that they are so detailed; it would be a challenge. Let me know if you find the Picasso painting with a Bianchi in it. I would have to see that.
Artist-bike connections9WorCP
May 4, 2001 2:51 PM
Marcel Duchamp and his famous "bicycle wheel" come to mind. It's (or at least a version of it) at MOMA. Picasso also made a "bulls head" out of a bicycle saddle and handle bars. Very simple but very clever. It takes a happening brain to see a connection abstractly like that. Seraut had a guy sitting on a penny-farthing bike, right? At least that's what I remember. Does anyone remember the absurdist playright Alfred Jarry (Pere UBU)? There was an odd duck, but he was an obsessive cyclist. He had a habit of replacing the names of objects with a description of their essential qualities instead. So bicycle in a conversation with Jarry wasn't called "bicycle" it was always called "that which rolls."
Night Fishing at Antibes?MeDotOrg
May 4, 2001 2:36 PM
Picasso painted it in 1939, and there is a bicycle in it:

vintage bicycle photos:

posters at: can search by Picasso, bicycle, etc...

And of course, Picasso's commissioned painting created while riding a bicycle:
Good linksbianchi boy
May 4, 2001 8:33 PM
Go to the Barewalls site and do a search for bicycle. There's a nice painting of a French bicycle racer by Edward Hopper. I had forgotten about that one. Couldn't find the Seurat painting, tho. (This is the correct way to spell his name, BTW.)