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Euro Style(16 posts)

Euro StyleWoof the dog
May 3, 2001 8:11 PM
Okay, here is a new topic (worthy of this forum, thats for sure lol...just kidding). Yup, you guessed it....its all about Euro style. Remember, we are talking about whats cool and, again, euro style. So, don't post stuff that is regarding Freds. I think we have talked about THAT topic enough. Post something at least positive. Hmm, how do I start this.....ah yes....lets see here:
1. wearing balaclava in a race/elsewhere - certainly Euro style
2. rudy projects - yup, give you such a euro look, especially tayo.
3. no helmet - that too, although not exactly what people should do
4. hairnets - definitely not the stylish thing around, but definitely
As you can see, i don't have too many of them, so help me out.
re: Euro StyleErap Estrada
May 3, 2001 8:24 PM
How about that new helmet by Rudy Project, I think it's called the Atmospheric?
May 4, 2001 6:06 AM
You mean the stratosphere, don't you? Now, does that make me a Euro Fred?
what are freds called in europe?dejohn
May 3, 2001 8:38 PM
Probably Fredrique(nm)AnotherSatisfiedCustomer
May 3, 2001 9:37 PM
What is a Fred? (EOM)Lance_Armstrong
May 4, 2001 11:21 AM
re: Euro StyleBill J. Pappas
May 3, 2001 8:45 PM
Here's some of my views on what makes it "Euro-style"!
1. Frames several sizes smaller than what you would normally use, added to such frame a stem longer than a construction crane, and a skyscraper seatpost!
2. Shifter/brake levers positioned so high on the bar, that the levers themselves are almost pointing straight ahead.
3. Those somewhat new Cinelli foam/eva strip "no protection" helmets, that if ever you got into a headfirst crash, you would be the coolest lookin' corpse in the peleton.
4. Wearing earphones, with white med. across the ears.
That's just some of my suggestions!
re: Euro StyleBruno S
May 3, 2001 8:45 PM
5. Culture
6. Taste
Fashionable watches.mike mcmahon
May 3, 2001 10:33 PM
Not the type that provide any performance-specific information like heart-rate or wattage: just the same type of watch you might see on the arm of an Italian business man who runs an import-export business. Also, lots of gold chains, crucifixes, and other assorted jewelry. Crucifixes seem to be especially favored by South American (yes I know S.A. is not in Europe) and Italian riders who typically pay homage to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit when crossing the finish line ahead of all others. Also, the Euros seem much more comfortable padding the midsection during the off-season than do the Yanks.
High fashionMass Biker
May 4, 2001 8:26 AM
* shorts and short sleeve jerseys in freezing conditions - this must be supplanted by gobs of warming cream/oil so that the riders look like oiled up go-go dancers
* strange bottle cages that can only accept a special kind of bottle
* shoe covers in any weather, any conditions
* the occasional truly odd article of clothing (anyone remember those Carrera lycra "jeans"?)
* sponsors with names that are just, well, strange (Jolly,Team Jack & Jones, Chicky World)
* the choice of an Exte-Ondo beanie in winter vs. a helmet, because it has been proven that falling from the bike in the winter is less likely to happen (and that the road is actually more forgiving in the cold months)
* and my favorite - full fenders on a Colnago for hardcore training in the winter months (check out old pictures of Tony Rominger)

Lance Armstrong's a Euro-Fred.Breck
May 4, 2001 9:39 AM
Sorree woof but have not had My(as the screw) turns, dern! ...Bruce.

First off he rides in Europe and truly believes the TdF is some sort of Mission. G.I. Joe haircut; from Plano, Texas for chrissakes ...home of Owen's Country Sausage ..where the Fredlike pigs start their long journey to you breakfast plate. Squeal with the proper fredlikedelight when you fork 'em (over, i want sum!).

Andrei Tchmile (my favo-rite) is some what of a Fred winning the 1994 Hell of the North on Shimano 105 components tho Shimano San replaced the picture with Dura-Ace ..which is becoming more fredlike with the triple intro. Let,s see we have the knife, fork, AND spoon to go with the dinner plate, salad plate, and saucer. And again having the smork to win 2000 Flanders wearing the hairnet. C'mon Andrei, hang out with Cioppo in the Fast Lane.

Cippo definitely represents the Euro Rider. fast cars (Audi), fat dogs (oops ment fast as in Greyhound! [freds have the Jack Russell Terrier ]), expensive tastes, flamboyant, up yours middle finger extended on the gold braceleted wrist like a big fingered Eiffle Tower to theTour, & wears what he wants when he wants to ..thank Olive Oyl and cheap red wine (Italian or French cause they don't have to import it[not Windsor from Napa, how fred can you get?] that Cippo will do (screw i hope) le Tour(!) ...long live le Tour you friggin french boors (or is it bourgeois or bourgeois-ees?).

Oakleys: What's up with the Oaks. getting more fredlike every day... damn, have too much macaroni invested and even visited the plant in Foothill Ranch to give 'em up. I guess Rudy's after ALL these years and Briko wore resting just back of the hair line (back, way back punt!) for mee is the Euro style.

Ahhh yes and the Catholic faith jes(see James like, mee being a fredlike Southern Baptist [born ther first time but Never again(!)] and can do the 1-2-3 thing across the jersey when takin' the stage front and center Win. But this is EZ for me being from Texas. We did this Convert-to-Cathloic thing before (were anointed" Catholic) when Stevie Austin needed some pesos and the Mexicans needed help for Liberation from Spain. We helped 'em all right. Never ask for help from a Texan, Lance bein' the current "except" as in TdF, not AC nor DC except-see-on-e. Salud, mothers'truckkers!

Sorree but got into this fredthing late and bein' an old guy just finally getting the drift ..either sand or snow iguess; Amarillo or Minnesota mebee, and never Seattle or New Orleans. Now if gimmeaminute and that'smrfredtoyou (my too favo-rites [as Merley Haggard would sey] would jes pile-on like a crazy patchworlkquilt, my mornin would be complete.

And remember, better to go out with a Bang (as in BIG) than a Whymper (early Yosemite toe climber), as i probably shall (king's English)...& it's Yuban Argen-tine Vaquero brown(but not jumpin')bean this mornin' gents & ladies(notwoalike[:!]).

& cheers!, coupla' beers though ah don't drank as met mee quota after 40 years of itt. Soree but gott get back to the biko novelo & as woof said post something positive as in addiction. soree can not edit this, speling, e-tee-cee.

cheers ya'll.
Geez...How can I follow that?gimmeaminute
May 4, 2001 10:27 AM
I thought I was being cool having the an Antonio Banderas look-alike follow me on my rides in an Audi A6 station wagon sporting full team/sponser paint, racked up with at least four spare bikes/gear and carelessly tossing waterbottles to the side of the road...but only to the local starbucks to hand out and appear annoyed by others that are at "my" cafe' stop.

Good one, Breck!

Whiting Ranch Starbuck's off Foothill ...Breck
May 4, 2001 11:54 AM
....& uummm, Bake Parkway? ...south east corner of (Joan)Irvine's "Big Place". Used to MTB there after work. Road biking around Irvine i do not like except mebee over towards old El Toro/ Santiago Cyn. with the "huge" climb up to 1100' elev. jess past Cook's (old) Corner, now a BMW & Boutique Harley moto hang out i would guess. Wunner if "they" would let ya'll ride on the old Marine Base? Hung out there for real once back when Orange County Raceway ruled.

Ahhh South Orange County ....know it well, indeed ah do. Am stuck on a mountain top in san Diego County and can't gett down(!). Hay, check out the Oakley mfg. center if you get the opp. Awesome. Buy Nothing!

Desperado mi amigo!
Well now that you ask...we have several to choose from..gimmeaminute
May 4, 2001 12:11 PM
Least of which is the SB that you mention. The place has built up a bit and the local bikers are tolerated in the left hand turn lane, especially on the weekends. Plenty of suburban suburbans to draft along with.....and Cooks, well you are correct, it is home to the HD/biker/ijustgotacrusier crowd. Pay them no mind....plenty of group rides with the Bike club o' for film tips, go get El Mariachi, Rodriquez did a much better job with it than the more mainstream Desperado.....get Four Rooms while your at it...and a Latte'.
Thanks for the Cooks update!Breck
May 4, 2001 12:33 PM
El Mariachi; Desperado; From Dusk Till Dawn ...
DVD widescreen, my "trilogies".

Used to road ride (1994-97; 51 thru 54yrs. old) after work from Toshiba Irvine (Bake/Jeronimo) over to the bike path and along El Toro road to Cooks, then south up and over Oak Hill(?) road and thru ONeil park and out to the new development, turn rt. and on the street runs into Coto, rt. on Alicia and eventually(!) back to Toshiba, car & home. Good road ride if your not too fit :) & esp. winter dark nites! Ran at lunch, too &more:)'s ... damn, need to get into shape!

May 4, 2001 2:42 PM
Ever try the Mt. Baldy Run-to-the-top? Adventure run to shoot for. I did it back in the day. I believe it is held in September.......good cross over punishment.