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Voler Bibs and Company A+++(6 posts)

Voler Bibs and Company A+++Ray Still
May 3, 2001 4:24 PM
I just wanted to pass this along. I ordered a pair of bib shorts thru Voler's web site on Sunday afternoon, I had the bibs on Wed. Talk about fast turn around they ship fedx for less than $6.00. Also if shorts do not fit you can return them they provide a priority mail envelope and they pay for shipping. As far as the bibs go I just got back from about a 3 hour ride I have to say they are about the most comfortable bibs I have worn. right there with Castelli and Assos.
The best part the bibs with shipping only set me back less than $61.00 To me they are a first class company. Hard to find many of those these days.

Ray Still
I agree, but can't anyone make inseams shorter? :(boy nigel
May 3, 2001 4:34 PM
I was very disappointed in the leg length of the bibs. The overall quality seemed splendid (I asked for--and got--a pair for my recent birthday), and the chamois seemed very nice. I tried them on, however, and the legs came down almost to my knees. I'd wanted to love Voler's bibs, truthfully, but they just didn't fit me correctly. Granted, I'm 5'5", and on the short side of leg lengths. I ordered their small, which fit me in body length and waist.

Why can't companies just make shorts a bit shorter in the smaller sizes (shorter than they already do, that is)? I realize that I'm complaining--I'm sorry, really. People have posted "Short shorts" posts on the board, and Voler was recommended. They're just as long as anyone else's, maybe longer. The only ones I've found so far that fit perfectly are the $130 Pearl Izumi Microsensors, but they're too damned pricey!!

Help!! I'm about to receive a pair of Colorado Cyclist's premium bibs--their inseam's supposed to match my PI's inseam. We'll see....

Again, please forgive my ranting. It's been frustrating (and a bit costly, what with returning pair after pair to mail-order shops) to simply find ones that don't have 9" inseams that come down too long for me. I CAN'T be alone here. There seem to be plenty of "short" cyclists out there. Anyone have ideas?

I agree, but can't anyone make inseams shorter? :(RobO
May 3, 2001 5:51 PM
Biemme's have a shorter inseam
Biemme's, eh? Where? Where? Where?boy nigel
May 3, 2001 7:18 PM
I haven't heard that name for a long time. I know that they once made top-notch Italian clothing, but I didn't know they were still in business.

Do you know where I can see some online? I'd be interested, for sure.

Big thanks,
Biemme's, eh? Where? Where? Where?look271
May 3, 2001 8:03 PM
I got a pair at world cycling products through their catalogue. I believe they have a web site. Love them.
I agree....AnotherSatisfiedCustomer
May 3, 2001 9:30 PM
..they are awesome. I placed an order today, and after I sent it..i decided i wanted to add some i emailed them from the confirmation reply. They emailed back ans said no problem.

They also sent two free tootsie rolls in my last order. I thought that was funny.