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First ride for the Atlantis (like anybody cares but me)(3 posts)

First ride for the Atlantis (like anybody cares but me)Cory
May 3, 2001 11:46 AM
After months of agonizing--and lots of advice from some Rivendell owners on this site--I choked back my pre-purchase buyer's remorse and bought an Atlantis from Rivendell a couple of months ago. Built it up mainly with stuff I had (generally midrange Shimano components), and I've ridden it on a few short rides.
Finally got out, with very little training, for the Chico Wildflower Century last weekend. Terrible day, six flats among the four of us, bad hills I wasn't NEARLY in shape for; all my friends rode away and left me ("No, go ahead. I'll just grind along").
But MAN, that's a nice bike if you want to ride a long way in comfort. Solid, predictable handling, good ride over rough pavement, not at all sluggish, as I'd sort of feared from the geometry--a little slower to respond than my Allez, but a joy to ride when you're tired and starting to slow down. And I can swap the 28mm tires for fatties and go anywhere I want.
If anybody's been thinking about one of these, I give it 4+ stars. There's really not one thing I'd change.
re: First ride for the Atlantis (like anybody cares but me)Ray Sachs
May 3, 2001 12:03 PM

Congratulations! Glad you like it. My Riv AR (slightly richer cousin to the Atlantis, but same essential family traits) is also extremely comfortable, stable, but lively enough to have a lot of fun on in the dirt or on the road. Did you get one of the bigger ones with 700c wheels or one of the smaller ones with 26"? I hope you get tens of thousands of happy miles on it.

re: AtlantisSteveS
May 3, 2001 9:29 PM
The Atlantis looks like a good deal, glad to hear the glowing report. Put a picture up in the gallery section here, you would be the first Rivendell owner. Too bad I can't have all the bikes I want.