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custom cass, anyone into this stuff?(9 posts)

custom cass, anyone into this stuff?cyclopathic
May 3, 2001 9:55 AM
just built my "century" cass 13-27 (out of 13-23 105 and 12-27 Ultegra).

gearing 13,14,15,16(missing on 12-27),17,19,21,24,27
Now I am thinking about dropping 14 in favor 18.

any comments? what is your favorite gearing?
Pretty Cool...Greg Taylor
May 3, 2001 11:14 AM
How does it shift? Did you put together a gear chart to see if you are coming up with redundant combinations? Swapping the 14 for an 18 probably makes sense if you don't like shifting down to the little ring for short hills...

My cassette of choice right now if a stock Shimano 105 12-23, matched with a 53/42 set of rings up front. If we hit the hills, I'll swap out the cassete for a 12-25. I like the 42 small ring a lot -- I'm crying on the big, long climbs, but it really works on "sprintable" hills.
re: shiftingcyclopathic
May 3, 2001 11:54 AM
I swapped top 4 ULtegra gears (lockring, 12,13,14,15) for 105(lockring, 13,14,15,16). I can't really say 16 to 17 shift is affected

I decided to drop 12. I dont really use 12 so much maybe on downhills but I can spin up to 180RPM for ~2min, so 13 is just fine. 16 is on other hand is very useful on flats, helps to keep cadence.

24 and 27 are not for daily use for bail out, though on short steep hills I dont have to get out of big ring, which is nice.

I've been using 12-23 with 53x39 cranks and I love it. My only complain was that 39x23 wasn't low enough to ride hills sitting, and after 90mi of riding standing on yet another 12% buster wasn't something my knees would appreciate.

As it stands cassette has pretty much the same gearing as 12-23.
it's missing 12 (which I don't miss) and instead 23 has 24 and 27 on top.

I am not decided if I need 18, and will I miss 14.
Swap will give me really nice time trail range 15,16,17,18,19,21 for flats (would I be better off with 14,15,16,17,19,21?) with bail out 24 and 27. 13 to 15 is big jump, but hey this is a century cass, do I need 14?
If it's flat...Greg Taylor
May 3, 2001 12:40 PM
..I might keep the 14. Think fast pace line, or a tail wind. The 18 might be more useful overall.
re: shiftingBreck
May 3, 2001 12:58 PM
a 2 cog jump and then back to 1, will feel "funny"

your one set up:
13,14,15,16,17,19,21,24,27 is:

your proposed:
13,15,16,17,18,19,21,24,27 is:
the 2, 1 (13,15,16) will feel odd IMHO.

this should be a smoothie if you can live with the 14 hi,
but you still don't get the 18t. Tricky business to get
smooth usable gearing both mountain & flats need a Campy ten (jes kidding).

in any event don't myself build up cassettes any more and go with std "fixed" yoke style Shimano 8-speed 12/XX or 13/XX depending on grade to be ridden although still have old 8-speed freebody clusters that can be un-pinned and built up (& i have). And don't know what's currently available in gearing. In any event always try to stair-step the gears in a smooth manner as you may know.

re: I need Campycyclopathic
May 3, 2001 3:40 PM
I could use 10 gears, no doubt. just dont feel like droping so much dough

with respect to gearing you propose 14 would be my choice over 13.

unfortunately on HG cass you have to have special last cog, and Shim doesn't make it in size 14/9sp.

24 and 27 are bail out gears for riding long steep hills sitting (I can't climb standing long, esp after putting some miles) yes big jump, but hey I won't be spending much time in those gears. This is my insurance: no matter how tired I am I can still climb 15%+ hill

14,15,16,17,18,19,21 are the flat/rolling hills gears, close spaced to keep optimum cadence. People used to build similar 7sp cass for TT

unfortunately I have to have 13, and I can only have 9 gears, so I must give up on eighter 14 or 18. still undesided.
Field TestingBreck
May 3, 2001 5:31 PM
My 1997 QBP cat. shows for Dura-Ace 9-speed Hyperglyde CS-7700 the following loose cogs will fit all series ...
11t (with spacer)
12t (w/ spacer)
14t .. p/FW4653

don't know if these are available or not at this late date, or what other probs may be encountered. When 8-speed first appeared thought it was just easy to replace the 7-speed freehub, re-true the wheel, and put the gears back on with the 3mm spacers. But the shifting was off. No LBS or anyone knew why. One LBS said had a bent rear chainstay and wanted to re-bend it! Finally my buds bro used a digital micrometer and found the 8-speed cogs were thinner! (Of course everybody knows this NOW) So broke down and bought the yoke style spyder carrier with screwed on cogs. Then Shimano changed to rivets. Later found some 8-speed pinned gear clusters and bought. For the road bike i just change out the fixed yoke cassettes now a days depending on course.

In any event time for field testing. Build up your first choice and try her out. Keep careful notes and observations on your ride, cadence, down hill speed, climbing, rhythm, etc. Am sure you know the feel of your ride course well enough to detect diffs. Maybe you will wind up with two cogsets depending on the course/s.

180 RPM????!!!! ["we can re-build him. better than before."]bill
May 3, 2001 1:54 PM
Anyone remember the $6,000,000 man?
I didnt know people did this.Thioderek
May 3, 2001 2:57 PM
I had no idea people did this. I had never even considered it. If the shop didnt have what I wanted I went somewhere else. But making my own cassettes. Pretty amazing. Tell us how it works out.