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To bib or not to bib(8 posts)

To bib or not to bibDCP
May 3, 2001 9:22 AM
It seems that each time the bibs vs. shorts subject comes up, there are several posts along the lines of "After I bought bibs, I'll never go back to shorts." I have yet to see someone post that they dislike bibs. Not being quite yet convinced, is there anybody out there who has bibs but prefers shorts?
re: To bib or not to bibThe Real Swankie
May 3, 2001 9:30 AM
I have the same problem. Bib..shorts..My wife made me a pair of what I call Borts. They are half bibs and half shorts. I used to get a real bad rash just wearing the shorts which took forever to go away without using oitments and since wearing the Borts I haven't gotten it back. I would also recomend cutting holes in the crotch area to let the area breath. Have you had a vasectomy?
i like shorts!!climbo
May 3, 2001 10:11 AM
my road team only uses bibs so I have to wear them for that but every other ride, commute, MTB trip I wear shorts. What's not to like about them? Bibs are hot and I have no problems with the waistband on shorts like others have posted.
May 3, 2001 12:03 PM
dont get me wrong...i dont have anything agains bibs, personally...and i dont want to start any trouble here

but i felt sooo uncool for liking my shorts better :)
Love em.. but....ChrisV
May 3, 2001 2:45 PM
I absolutely love the fit and comfort of bib shorts but what about when you have to answer natures call... I don't know about you guys but when I really hydrate well for a long ride or race, I have to go! and bibs don't really faciltate that very well. I can't be the only one who thinks this.....
re: To bib or not to biblook271
May 3, 2001 5:21 PM
I prefer shorts. I haven't found a pair of bibs that the shoulder straps don't slip off my shoulders at some point. Just got a new pair and they look promising. We'll see....
May 3, 2001 5:47 PM
Never tried bibs and don't intend to. Nothing wrong with shorts!
Bib shortsmike mcmahon
May 3, 2001 10:47 PM
Anyone who does not wear bib shorts should immediately stop posting on this board. Any cyclist who continues to wear regular shorts despite the abudance of quality bibs on the market is merely displaying his or her lack of sophistication and knowledge and obviously has nothing of value to add to this board. In fact, I strongly recommend that these people stop riding altogether. What nobody should do is try a pair of regular shorts and a pair of bib shorts and determine for himself or herself which feels better from a personal standpoint. That would require analysis and independent thinking. This shoud be discouraged at all costs. Everyone out there should listen to me and wear nothing but bib shorts. I say this not only as a cyclists, but as the Mater of Time and Space. Govern yourselves accordingly.