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Not a road bike but...(3 posts)

Not a road bike but...Akirasho
May 2, 2001 5:32 PM
check out the drivetrain...

While chain and cog still hold sway, I know folks have been working on viable alternatives for years (guess that says something about said chain and cog).

Along with belt drive, patents have been filed and stored away on all manner of planetary gearboxes (both in the BB shell and the rear hub) as well as internal geared hubs and variable transmissions.

The problem can sometimes be fighting the status quo... Motorola and Texas Instruments made better first gen chipsets than Intel... but IBM based clones won the war... Beta was better than VHS... but folks think you're talking tropical fish if you mention Beta today.

I don't want to see rampant incompatibilities, but it makes you wonder sometimes if we're settling for the best "marketable" ideas. Any thoughts on trends (ISIS vs Shimano splined BB's, integrated headsets, non standard stem/bar combos, UCI rulings, etc.) and the future vision of cycling? Is there some great idea you've seen that's been quashed?

Be the bike.
Good questions.E3
Jul 8, 2001 11:36 PM
And a great pic.

This morning I was looking through a Colorado Cyclist catalog and was contemplating the Cinelli Integralter. Supposedly it was developed with a big, strong rider like Cippolini in mind. It's a heavy, stout unit, more so than most of us need.

So, why not make a lighter version for guys like me? An all-in-one unit of normal dimensions could surely be made as light, or lighter, as the usual stem and bar combo, yet would be stiffer because of the integration.

The basic chain is an essentially unchanged design. I think it should be ripe for some new ideas or materials. But not from me; I'm too sleepy to think anymore.
marketable ideas vs. silly ideasrollo tommassi
May 3, 2001 10:51 AM
Interesting photo, and I do wonder if there really is anything truly innovative out there. Also, thanks for your other post ("little pricks") that truly cracked me up!

Two things about this product worries me: there is no such thing as an "always clean belt drive". Apparently this product manager has never ridden in the rain. What I'd like to see developed is a pair of socks that can survive a rain ride without losing their elastic and always looking dingy even after laundry. Now THAT would be an innovation ;)

I've seen a lifetimes' worth of loose QR's on people's bikes (ha! I even saw a guy riding along with NO front QR!!!), so the thought of a QR BB or similar device on the frame sounds like an invitation to an emergency room to me!