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teams should threaten tdf boycott(9 posts)

teams should threaten tdf boycottconfusion
May 2, 2001 4:02 PM
I cannot believe that bs excuse for dropping two of the biggest names of the sport from the TdF this year.

The excuse for dropping Pantani is like cutting Reggie Jackson from the Yankee's right before the World Series because he had a bad September. Are you kidding...this guy lives for the tour and exspecially one filled with mountains. Oh...he quit last year...remember...hmmm...don't think Lance managed to finish a TdF until he won and you could probably throw a rock at france and hit some French cyclist who has dropped out of the TdF.

So what if he hasn't won anything since. Lance has participated in even fewer races but manages to kill the field in the TdF. I was really looking for a strong showing from the big 3 so Lance can again win and this time there could be no arguement.

I must say I never likes Cipo, but come him or not he was someone that made the first week it if you rooted for or against him...he was that type of rider. It will be sad and Im sure the rider that steps up in his place will have to wonder if he could have done the same if Cipo was there.

The FRENCH are just pissed because there last two hopes (Jalabare and Virenque) for winning in a LONG LONG TIME went away in TEARS....LITERALLY.

THUS IT PROVES THE FRENCH ARE CRY BABIES and if they cannot have it their way they are going to take their toys and GO HOME. I say let em...and lets have all the NON-FRENCH teams protest and threaten to BOYCOTT unless the real DIV I teams are let in instead of these bush leaguers. Then again...maybe that is just what they want...then the French might just be able to win a tour finally.
re: teams should threaten tdf boycottagreed
May 2, 2001 6:41 PM

"The likes of Marco Pantani, Mario Cipollini, Laurent Dufaux, Axel Zuelle, Fernando Escartin and Pavel Tonkov will not take part in the 88th Grande Boucle."

This is no more a French race than the Indianapolis 500 is a Hoosier race. I think all the riders on Div I teams should stand up to the Tour officials and tell them they want to ride with the best teams or not at all.

CART left the IRL, now they race a seperate race on Memorial Day and the Indy 500 is not the the same. Indy organizers are kicking themselves and trying to return it to one unified race again.

So if the French will not play fair, then I say let them play with themselves. Maybe we can revive the Tour does the Micro$oft Tour of America sound? If someone (ie BILL GATES) could put up a pile of cash prizes he would get some teams to boycott the tour, and just think of the MASSIVE publicity he could generate.
re: teams should threaten tdf boycottlook271
May 2, 2001 8:32 PM
You really think that Americans would wait all day to see the race go by for a few seconds? A big tour would never work here. We'd have to stop driving our suv's for too long and it would disrupt our inalienable right to drive those gas-hungry beamoths any-damn-time we want.
Totally agree. And now Busch et all say "we're going to .....Largo
May 3, 2001 6:59 AM
use more gas"
Just f@cking great!
sorry ment fignone and virenque NMconfusion
May 2, 2001 7:16 PM
I don't understand the Div II thinglnin0
May 2, 2001 9:32 PM
If this is supposed to be the hardest race in the world why do they just not take every Div I team and that is all. Done deal?

There are 22 Div I more than the 21 teams they have selected. No questions, no biased opinions, just take the top 22. As it is now the Tour makes the NCAA's National Champion selection look good.

The excuse about needing to take Div II French teams or else they would go bust is the dumbest thing I have heard. What about the Div I teams (Mercury) that will be seriously jeapordized by being excluded? Shouldn't a Div II team have to work their way to the top? Shouldn't they consider this before making the investment?

It really is sad that a lot of big name stars will be left sitting on the side lines. I just hope they all go out and bust tail in all the other races so the idiots that run the Tour look like even bigger idiots.

BTW: America did run a pretty decent tour with the TDP. However, it was too early in the season and too close to the TDF to draw the big stars.

Considering the winning TDF team this years gets $360,000 (about the salary of the lowest paid baseball player) I think America could attract some big names with big money. If anything we are known for money and advertising rich sports.

They would also need to move it later in the season. I think it would be cool if they did 4/5 days in the east, then flew to the central states and did 4/5 stages and then to the west for 4/5 more. That means unlike the TdF's easy first week, riders would be on flat stages in the middle of the tour. Also, covering more states would help generate interest around the rest of the country.
Tour of the French, er...peloton
May 2, 2001 10:01 PM
or Tour de France? I'm thinking the former this year. I guess LeBlanc and the Societe du Tour de France feel that if they stack the Tour with enough French riders one of them is bound to do something. It might make their country feel better for the rest of the Tour when the rest of the collective world is burning up French pavement with the weak French teams invited toiling at the back of the gruppeto.

Mercatone Uno wasn't allowed in according to LeBlanc because Pantani hasn't shown that he is fit enough to race well. How about Jalabert? Has he proven his fittness? Mercury surely deserved a spot. They have 9 riders in the top 200 UCI this is more than the 13 top 200 all the French teams bring collectively. No Saeco? Like Cipo or not, he brings a lot to the first week. Zabel must have called in his measurements for the green jersey already, 'I'll take it on the first day, please.'

The Societe du Tour de France needs to know that the Tour is an international event. The highlight of most international events is the opportunity to see the best in the world together and at their best. The Tour won't bring together all of the best. Can you imagine if the host country for the Olympics allowed in subpar athletes from their home at the expense of superior athletes from other countries? It would be an outrage.

The Tour of the French. Next year no teams that aren't from France. It is their race. Let's just watch the Giro instead.

Sorry about the rant
Eurosports. Do you really expect any better?SimpleGreen
May 2, 2001 11:02 PM
World Cup many times has penalty kicks decided the championship? What if there were no extra innings in baseball? Eurosport solution: they just do some fielding practice. Which ever team drops the fewest balls wins. SOOOOO EXCITING!!!!

It'll all work out. People will get upset this year. Lance will dominate, and the French, who mostly hate Americans, will want more competition to diminish the chances that the Texan wins a 4th TdF.

Mercury should sign Virenque or some french youngster who has potential in the off-season. They'll be included. Ya hear that Greg Lemond? Sign a young french rider that shows potential! The auto entry card.

Mercury will do well in the fall classics and possibly the Vuelta. What a bummer though. They really deserved it with the talent they have.

re: French, correctioncyclopathic
May 3, 2001 12:26 PM
French mostly hate non-French, not just Americans, correction

look at Italians (French nickname macaroni);
do you think French like Brits, Germans, Spaniards?
Canucks worship France, and guess what they get when they go to Paris? they make fun of their pronunciation

French = pompous a$$holes

France = homeland of pricks, bad movies, ugly women and bad wine