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On-bike tool kits....what are the essentials?(12 posts)

On-bike tool kits....what are the essentials?Delia
May 2, 2001 1:43 PM
I don't have a tool kit put together yet, but since I'm doing longer rides I think it would be a good idea to put one together.
Pleading ignorance, I must once again ask you guys for suggestions. I'm not looking for anything fancy. Just the essentials please.
May 2, 2001 1:52 PM
Practically everything! Just kidding. For me, I'd take the pump (mini), patch kit, extra inner tube, tire lever and a compact hex key set (foldable ones). It's not that much but also it's not that little. I don't use a small pouch so my back pockets are full including the food and personal stuffs. Those will probably suffice for minor problems.
re: On-bike tool kits....what are the essentials?MrCelloBoy
May 2, 2001 1:54 PM
I carry an extra innertube, a patch kit, a multi-tool (I use a Ritchey CPR-14, my sweetie uses a Blackburn MT-15, there are a bunch of different ones. Both of ours include several sized allen wrenches, a chain tool, Etc.) a presta valve adapter, and a piece of old tire approx. 1" x 2" to use as a "boot" should you get a sidewall cut.
I got stealthy and keep all of this in a large mouth water bottle. Or you can cut a standard bottle in half and tape it closed with electricians tape.
If there's room left you can include an emergency power bar and a $5 bill (which can double for the tire "boot").
re: On-bike tool kits....what are the essentials?Haiku d'état
May 2, 2001 2:08 PM
though few will agree, i like to carry the "heavy" topeak alien, and i've used it quite a few times for different repairs. i ride to the group ride starting point (15 miles), so i don't have a car with me to keep the kit in, so there.

SHORT RIDES (under 25 miles and/or under one hour):

seatpack with
alien multi-tool
2 tubes
patch kit (glue type)
spare change/cash

ziplock bag in jersey pocket with
driver's license, insurance card, medical card

clif gel and a bottle of water


all that stuff above, plus:

back-mounted nike hydration pack (gasp!)
more food & water
spare look cleat and screws/washers
powdered gatorade
spare hat/do-rag
kinda dependspmf
May 2, 2001 2:18 PM
I've got two bags, one for long rides when I'm by myself, another for shorter rides or when I'm riding with others:

I always take (in my jersey):

1. money
2. credit/atm card
3. health insurance card
4. food
5. CO2 dispenser and 1-2 cartridges or a minipump.

In the bag, I take

1. emergency power/Clif bar
2. 3,4,5 hex wrenches
3. spoke wrench
4. spare tube (two in the big bag)
5. patch kit
6. tire levers
7. small Park chain breaker (do not use the Rivoli one, its worthless)
8. extra CO2 cartridge

I've only used the chain breaker a few times, but I was glad to have it when I did. I've saved other people's butts with it. The spoke wrench is marginal -- especially since it is useless on most of the fancy wheels I have. Two tubes? I have had two flats on one ride, and more often, a defective tube. The emergency food has been the most useful. Saved me several times when I was bonking.
What ever you'll need to get back home...that'smrfredtoyou
May 2, 2001 2:21 PM
20 miles: Tube, pump, tire iron, muti-hex tool, ID, insurance card, cell.
20-50 all of the above plus spoke wrench, second tube, patch kit and tuffee tape for tire punctures.
50-100 all plus creditcard, sunscreen, and a change of socks.
100-200 all plus, well, you get the idea.
Bonggrz mnky
May 2, 2001 3:25 PM
With a good bong and something to put in it you can fix just about any roadside emergency you can think of. Sort of like the gals that go camping with just a cooler full of beer.


Tube (for speedy pit stops)
Patch kit (for when you pop the spare tube)
Plastic tire levers (maybe - if you have to deal with non-kevlar beaded tires)
Tire Pump (obvious)
Park Tire Adhessive Patch (for when the tire casing is AFU)
5, 6, & 8 mm Allen wrenches (most adjustments can be made - some even have a little phillips screw driver for adj. the Hi/Lo on a der.)
Coins for the phone (for when you're really SOL)

If you really want to get carried away you can get one of the little 28 g. Blackburn tool kits made for MTB's - they are super light and have all sorts of cool features that you will hopefully never need. Also realize that most pumps can handle presta AND schraeder vales, but some require that you swap some internal parts around. Get this wrong and you mill not be able to fill the tire and you may actually break said plastic parts. This will render your pump useless. Remember, less is more. The less weight you carry the more energy will be left to get up the hills. It kills me to see people riding around with 3 lbs. of crap that they will never use.
Bong is false economy?that'smrfredtoyou
May 2, 2001 3:45 PM
Short ride, bong plus 1/8 ounce per friend/aquaintance.
Medium ride, extra baggy, spare lighter, spare screen, scraper tool.
Longish ride, all plus The Wall playing on CD player mounted on bars, assorted snacks, dealers phone#, pack of Marlboros and a pillow.

I hate to see people bring stuff they never use.:-)
Oh Yeah....grz mnky
May 2, 2001 3:53 PM
You forgot to mention that we'll need a canteen to carry the extra water for said bong. ;-)

1/8 of ounce per friend and no one is going to complete the ride....
Oh Yeah....I forgot the ride part. nmthat'smrfredtoyou
May 2, 2001 4:11 PM
re: On-bike tool kits....what are the essentials?Mel Erickson
May 2, 2001 3:35 PM
Go through the archives. There's probably a dozen threads about the same question. I know I've replied to at least three.
Brave Soldier Crash PakMeDotOrg
May 2, 2001 10:59 PM
Weighs about an ounce - could really help after a road rash accident: