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Standover heights for Colnago frames(7 posts)

Standover heights for Colnago framesbianchi boy
May 2, 2001 12:46 PM
Can any Colnago owners out there tell me the standover heights for their frames, say in the 54-57 cm seat tube size? I am curious because Colnagos seem to have a rather short top tube in relation to seat tube size. However, I just found out that Colnagos are sized center-to-top, so a 56 cm Colnago is roughly equivalent to a 54-55 cm measured c-t-c.
re: Standover heights for Colnago framesMCCL
May 2, 2001 1:05 PM
I currently own a 55cm Colnago (80s)and a 54 Masi. The Colnago fit's me tight at a 31 inch inseam and I stand 5ft 6in. Now my wife's 54 Pinarello also fit's me tight. But my 54 Masi fit's me great. I do believe the Masi has a lower bottom bracket causing some of this. Hope this help's.
well, there's c-t and there's c-t so you can't say just c-tET
May 2, 2001 1:10 PM
The last time I tried to be smart-alecky about this, a gal really let me have it, but I mean good. :-)

The "top" in center to top can mean different things: top of top tube, top of seat tube, top of clamp, lug, etc., and it matters a lot which. I believe Colnago goes to top of seat tube, which for Colnago seems to go only very little (I believe several have said around .5 cm; is that right?) above top tube. Doug Sloan was supposed to post his C-40's standover (been waiting patiently two months, now Doug :-)). Subtracting the .5 cm figure to get a true c-t of top tube and using the geometry (seat tube angle and BBH of 26.5) from the Colnago stat sheet, the standover would come out to:

54: 77.9

55: 78.9

56: 79.8

57: 80.6
re: Standover heights for Colnago framesrrs
May 2, 2001 4:17 PM
I don't know about Colnago's, but I never understood C-C measurements for standover. Several reasons:

a) you rarely 'standover' a bike, you ride it.
b) when you do standover it, you are standing OVER it...(it's hard to stand IN a tube) so doesn't C-T measurements make a hell of alot more sense? A C-C measure between a huge diameter tubed bike and a small diameter bike can be the same, but the C-T measures will be totally different.
55cm C-40, 31.3 inches or 79.5cm.....dave
May 2, 2001 4:36 PM
The other thing to keep in mind with Colnago is the seat tube angle. On a 55 or 56cm frame the seat tube is almost 74 degrees. This effectively lengthens the top tube by more than 1cm, when compared to a frame with a 73 degree seat tube angle.
57cm MasterXLight = exactly 32" or 81.3cm (nm)Ixnixit
May 2, 2001 6:18 PM
nada aqui
The reason I'm interested is ...bianchi boy
May 2, 2001 8:11 PM
I'm scoping different frames for possible next bike. Colnago seems to measure their frames different than many other makers -- either that or they have awfully short top tubes. To get the correct top tube length for me, it looks like I would need a 56 or 57 cm seat tube in Colnago. My legs are kind of short for my height -- put another way, I am long-waisted -- so I'm trying to find out if I would have enough standover clearance with Colnago frame with the correct top tube length.

BTW, I'm not looking at the high-end Colnagos, but their steel lugged frames. I like the retro look with chromed lugs and forks, and some of the steel Colnagos are competitively priced compared to other nice Italian frames. Bianchi doesn't make steel Reparto Corse frames anymore, unless you count the Boron, but I'm not real wild about the paint scheme on that frame and it isn't lugged. Other steel frames I'm looking at are Tommasini, Cinelli, Casati and Pinarello.