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online shopping(8 posts)

online shoppingSpiderman
May 2, 2001 12:21 PM
what are some good online places to buy bikes. I know about nashbar, performance, supergo, and excelsports. Any other suggestions? Thanks. (nm)Beeman
May 2, 2001 12:52 PM
well, spidey...Haiku d'état
May 2, 2001 12:56 PM
allow me to sing the praises of first-hand experience, one great guy with many great bikes.

not sure if i'd buy a bike from nashbar or performance. no idea on excelsports. heard good things about bike buying from supergo, and from colorado cyclist, but don't have first-hand experience with either.
re: online shoppingThioderek
May 2, 2001 1:06 PM
I have had good experiences shopping online for bikes and components., and are all places that carry quality bicycles and components for very good prices. While you are at the online thing, dont discount the desperate souls selling what they consider assets in the form of bikes on Ebay. I have bought numerous bikes, frames and parts off of Ebay and have only been disappointed on one frame that I bought. I have been able to get most of my stuff at 50%-60% off.

The key with Ebay is questioning before buying. You can also use the "They dont get the money before I see the bike to make sure it is exactly what they say," mode as well. The one disppointment I had was in assuming something about a frame and it fulfilling all my fears. Dont ever buy without a picture, a call to several bike shops with a full description of the bike for sale and a lot of discussion, in short get a lot of opinions.

I know that contacting the manufacturer of a certain bike is sometimes the key to a discounted price-factory direct. I have bought a couple of very nice bikes (frames) at cost with nothing more than a story. Hey, it never hurts to try.

Hope this helps.

[Hey Steeve, I didnt mention any name brands here. I am trying not to get you worked up again.]
re: online shoppinguwgrl
May 2, 2001 2:38 PM
I am all about Hi Tech Bikes out of San Diego California.
re: online shoppingThioderek
May 2, 2001 2:53 PM
Not a bad site. Thanks for the heads up.
re: online shoppingmust_pedal_harder
May 2, 2001 3:03 PM
I've had good deals with performance. Good deals sometimes, fast delivery (usually get my stuff within a week if I pay by check), and easy returns.
re: online shoppingspiderman
May 2, 2001 5:59 PM
Thanks for all your answers!