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Opinions(14 posts)

May 2, 2001 9:44 AM
Heres the situation-my parents went away on a weeks vacation....

Seriously, I just recently purchased a new-used bike with all Record 10 speed to replace a bike that I ruined on a ride. I rode over a piece of metal and my front wheel kicked it up and it got caught in my back wheel, the thing shredded my rear wheel and then went into my chain and destroyed my derailleur. I was actually a little happy about the accident because it meant I had a great excuse for upgrading my wheelset and my components. So I bought the Record 10 speed groupo off the internet ( and a set of Ksyriums. I was ready to put it all on the old bike when I was told by the bike shop that my dropouts were bent. I ordered new ones. Then they did an alignment test, the frame was out by 6 millimeters. They warned me about building up a bike that was out of alignment, so I contacted the company (Aegis). Aegis told me to send them the frame and they would either repair it ($300) or charge me cost for a new one. I was so exasperated and wanting to ride that I went on Ebay and bought a Derosa with Record 10 speed for a song. I put more miles on this bike in two weeks than the original owner. The thing is a charm.


I now have a new set of Ksyriums and a full 2001 Record 10 speed groupo sitting in my apartment collecting dust. I now am not too thrilled about the Aegis, the Derosa is so much more of a bike-to me. I am trying to figure out what to do with all this gear. It is too late to send it all back. If I put the stuff on Ebay I lose money. I think I am now committed to building up a new bike or having a box of premium components and a pristine wheelset lose value by becoming outdated.

Any thoughts?
My opinionSteeve
May 2, 2001 10:10 AM
is that you are a name dropper.
We already know what you think Steeve.Thioderek
May 2, 2001 10:16 AM
Havent you already belaboured this point. The reason for the "name-dropping" was to illustrate the point. I wouldnt hesitate to get rid of a lesser groupo or bike. I want opinions about the situation, the names help to explain that.

Chill out on your name brand psychosis.
Is that you MJ?Terry McNichols
May 2, 2001 10:46 AM
I just loved they way you trashed American patriotism in a few of your posts a couple days ago.

Way to go man!

BTW, only a few more days left to be with your good friend Timothy McVeigh!
Hey Tmuncher
May 2, 2001 10:51 AM
I have know MJ for quite a while, and I have only ever seem him eat one baby, and that was when he was REALLY hungry, so give him a break ;-).
re: OpinionsTiger
May 2, 2001 10:59 AM
Sounds like a good dilemma. I would go ahead and repair your old frame, or buy another cheap frame and build it up so that you'll have 2 good bikes. You never know when one will be down, or you just need a "b" bike to ride in the rain, or just one to have if you race and are afraid to crash your "a" bike.
my opinionugo
May 2, 2001 10:59 AM
is that you area dope for riding over a piece of metal that can do all that damage... live and learn
Why are you making me defend myself?Thioderek
May 2, 2001 11:12 AM
Obviously you have never ridden in a pack. Next time you are in a group of riders and run over something that was blocked from your view by the rider in front of you and you are unable to swerve because of the riders on each side, come talk to me.

Until then stick with your tooling around town alone because you arent fast enough to hang with the pack.

Incidentally everyone else ran over this piece of metal also. I just had the freak accident happen.
Yeah, and you know what I've done or how fast I am...Thiodope
May 2, 2001 2:25 PM
Who made the comment?Thioderek
May 2, 2001 2:49 PM
You are the one who showed your ignorance by asking why I would run over a piece of metal-as if I had a choice. It is obvious that you have never held onto a group.

If all I have to go on is your comments on this board, you are screaming loud and clear "I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT IS LIKE RIDING IN THE MIDDLE OF A PACK!!!!!!"

That is how I know you are a slow, tooling around town, getting dropped by your friends second rate rider.

Did I need anymore evidence?
An attempt at a real answerMel Erickson
May 2, 2001 11:04 AM
I would not build up the Aegis unless it was repaired. To build it and sell it as is would not be good for you or the buyer. What are Totalcycling's return policies? If they'll let you return for a full refund you're not out anything. If not, maybe they'll give you more than you could sell it for yourself, less hassle etc. If they won't take it back at all you're either stuck trying to sell the stuff or keep it for another ride or build up a repaire Aegis or another frame. If you can't work out a deal with Totalcycling and don't want to hang onto the stuff I would sell it rather than build up a bike. I think you could get more for those components as parts than as a part of a whole bike.
re: OpinionsDINOSAUR
May 2, 2001 12:30 PM
You could consider donating it to a senior citizen who is living on a fixed income and dreams about rebuilding his bike....It must be nice to have money to blow.

Seriously, I'd build another bike, I wish I had your problem.
forget the whole two bike thingishmael
May 2, 2001 2:17 PM
one for going to the store and then a fancy one for night on the town and then the other one for racing and then the other one for tooling around then the other one cause its been looking lonely...sell it or return it
Save it as an investmenttommyb
May 2, 2001 5:49 PM
You claim that you'll lose money if you sell it on ebay. That's only true if you sell it now. Keep all the parts "new in box" for 10 - 20 years, and it will double or triple in value. Have you seen the prices for new old stock Super Record derailleurs? They are selling for more than new 10 speed Record stuff. There will always be a market for collectors and retro stuff. In 2015, when the twenty-two speed cassette with microwave powered shifting comes out, some grey bearded guy will pay you $2250 (plus shipping) for a 10 speed, cable driven derailleur made out of, get this, titanium and carbon fiber. He'll be telling his friends that they just don't make 'em like that anymore.

Just make sure and keep the original packaging and instructions.