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what to look for in a cycling coach(2 posts)

what to look for in a cycling coachjayz
May 2, 2001 4:41 AM
i have been using Joe Friels book(s) and put together a decent training plan...but i have been thinking about hiring a cycling coach to review stuff with and "tweek" some stuff...
i read a ton about training/nutrition/ i have alot of head knowledge about the science of traing...but i want to make sure i am implamenting it correctly....

what sort of things/features should i look for in coaches program?
i know it will vary from coach to coach..but any input would be great..thanks a bunch.
what I looked for and foundjbrown2036
May 2, 2001 8:14 AM
I wanted a coach that actually raced and could understand what I was talking about and where I wanted to go with my training/racing. I also wanted to have a coach that I could actually see (I'm sure online is fine, but I wanted a personal touch) and interact with.

After many fruitless searches I asked a friend who his club used and also called my favorite LBS and they rec'd the same person. Not being satisfied with that I also checked the USA Cycling website for coaches and found the same guy listed.

Good luck in your search.