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Ti frames opinions(7 posts)

Ti frames opinionstjohn
May 1, 2001 2:59 PM
what's a great frame for the price?? i checked out a Dean el dente for $1200 ($1800 for the lite version) which to me is a smoking deal for a usa made custom ride. also, the litespeed arenberg is the same price but not custom spec'ed (plus i don't know if the arenberg has aluminum inserts in the headtube and bottombracket like lower-end litespeed mtbs have, do they?) a little higher priced is the merlin oddyssey at $1800 and is semi-custom. the most i could ever imagine spending for a frame is $2000 and the titus fcr and the roark custom fit the bill. between these 5 frames which is the best all around value and quality??? btw, how come there aren't any reviews of these bikes except for the litespeed?? btw2, has anyone ever heard anything about roark???
You should get a VaMoots - $1,995 (nm)Biking Viking
May 1, 2001 4:19 PM
re: Ti framesbike_junkie
May 1, 2001 6:48 PM
A loaded question indeed! With no correct answer.

Do you wanna spend $1200 for a very nice frame? The DEAN is a great value on a U.S.-built frame and John is great to deal with. You should be able to get the El Diente from the auction page for under a grand. Don't waste money on the X-lite version.

However if you want to spend $2k, you get greater attention to detail and bragging rights. Can't beat Moots in a straight-gauge frame, perfect alignment and almost too pretty to ride, although I liked the white decals better than the new silver ones with the blue/silver TT stripes. I owned a Moots YBB mtb and it was sublime, and took an extensive ride on a VaMoots before deciding I'd rather have a Serotta.

Two other straight gauge frames worth a look are the Seven Alaris (full custom for $2k) and the Serotta Classique Ti (about $1700, add $200 for custom or paint or polish).

You should be able to get Serotta's mid-level Concours (between the Classique and Legend) for about $2k. It gets the tapered Colorado Concept DT & ST, and shares the DT with the Legend.

Look at Sevens, Serottas, and Moots and whatever else and decide what appeals to YOU. Do you like painted Ti? If so, Serotta is the answer, and if not, anything goes. Do you like the look of tapered stays (Serotta) or more beefy looking constant-diameter stays (Seven/Moots style)?

I've ridden Ti bikes from Moots & Serotta and the rides are dreamy. Spend that kind of coin and they had better be though!

Value on a budget? DEAN! Going all the way? Figure out what you want and look hard at Moots, Seven and Serotta. All three of these offer terrific customer service and products.

I've toured the Titus factory (live near them) and they do very high quality work. Problem is, their stuff cost as much as the other frames I've mentioned and don't seem any nicer. Their frames aren't as sweet looking as these other high-end frames either, but that's just to my eye.
Thanks, your opinions much appreciated...TJohn
May 2, 2001 12:03 PM
i didn't know that the other frame makers like seven and serotta had frames in that price range. one thing i forgot to mention in my previous post was that i would want an s&s coupling kit on the frame. because of this i might lean more toward the dean because the kit will cost another $1200 for the whole set up. it is hard to imagine a seven or serotta being cut in half!!!! yikes!!!
Thanks, your opinions much appreciated...bike_junkie
May 2, 2001 12:24 PM
Definitely give John @ DEAN a call, he's a good guy, and is very fair on kit prices as well. You won't be disappointed.
May 1, 2001 7:04 PM
I tested the litespeed arenberg out for 50miles and found it to be a very smooth and comfortable riding bike. As far as I know there is an aluminum insert in the seat tube, common in litespeeds. I cant remember if there is an insert in the headtube but as far as I know litespeed doesn't use any aluminum insert in the bb. TTFN
re: Ti frames opinionsNpedro
May 2, 2001 10:17 AM
If you're considering the Litespeed Arenberg. Check out the Excel Sports Macalu (hint: it's the same thing w/ different stickers for less money)

As far as the Merlin Odyssey -- I don't think they make it any more, you can probably still find one at a shop -- however, it's not going to be semi-custom. Also, I'd be more worried about the CP Ti they used on some of it's tubes than any Al inserts the Arenberg may have.

If you can afford the Moots -- Go for it.