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How fast can you do 3 miles?(5 posts)

How fast can you do 3 miles?Cartman
May 1, 2001 1:23 PM
I once saw an article in "Bycling" (don't hang me please) that rated your fitness level by how fast you could do 3 miles. Ever since then, I've kinda checked my times on my ride. Last year, the best time I had for 3 miles was 10:05. I've broken that record a few times this year, but today, I did it in 9:35! Now the article said warm up, do the timed 3 miles on a flat...etc, etc. I just leave my driveway and start hammering!
re: How fast can you do 3 miles?Lucid
May 1, 2001 1:37 PM
I was in a bookstore browsing in the Sports section and picked up the Lance Amstrong book that lays out specific training programs. In the beginning they talk about this test. I think they break it down into 9-10 minutes, 8-9 minutes and sub 8 minutes for beginner, moderate and hammerhead-I think. You are right about the warm up and the flat terrain. I also have no access to a flat 3 mile stretch of road. So I use Central Park as a gauge. Since it is 6 miles and a bit, and I nail a lap in sub 17 minutes I figure if I am doing the right stuff. I wonder how far under 8 I could get on a flat 3 mile course?
Lucid is fitOstimu
May 1, 2001 9:15 PM
Wow, Lucid, if you're doing Central Park in under 17 minutes, you are not only in fine shape, you have my respect. I usually do it right around the 20 minute mark. That's on a hybrid - I hope to get that down somewhat when I buy a road bike.
As for a flat 3 miles, the best I can suggest is the (almost completed) bike path along the Hudson. It's pretty straight, and probably the flattest place to bike safely in the city. It can get pretty congested with pedestrians, but I bet if you went in the middle of the day or really early in the morning you could get going pretty fast... If you try it, let us know how you do!
Lucid is fitLucid
May 2, 2001 8:28 AM
Thanks for the vote of confidence. If you are hitting laps in the Park at 20 minutes on a hybrid, you will see your time drop dramatically when you get your new road bike.

Maybe I will see you in the Park. We will be the hammerheads.
In about 3 hours....that'smrfredtoyou
May 1, 2001 3:05 PM
But then again, I have exceptional balance. I'm trying to qualify for the world rolling trackstand record.