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Hey bike messengers!!!!!(Lock Question)(6 posts)

Hey bike messengers!!!!!(Lock Question)GTRider
May 1, 2001 6:43 AM
What model lock do you most of you use?You know what works and what doesn't.Thanks for the info
re: Hey bike messengers!!!!!(Lock Question)Thioderek
May 1, 2001 8:29 AM
Let me sink my teeth into this one.

Are you a bike messenger now?
If you are, you want a lock that is fairly light and not too complicated too lock and unlock. My choice for when I was messengering was a kryptonite Armourdillo. It was a flexible segmented lock with a steel cable inside. The beauty sbout this lock was that you could hang it around your neck without locking it. The locking mechanism was deep enough that you only had to insert the two ends and it would stay looped around the neck without falling off. Another feature was the push button locking capability. Not only could you hang it around your neck, you could also lock it without inserting the key. It is simply a matter of pushing a button and bang you are running inside a building. I had the operation down to a few seconds.

I am not sure if they still make this lock anymore, but I have seen them in out of the way bike shops. I picked up another one a month ago because I figured it wouldnt hurt to have a back-up.

I also have a Kryptonite Lasso. If you live in New York you have to have something good if you plan on going indoors to see a movie or something that is going to take a long time. This I would never use as a messenger, takes too damn long to get on and off. It is easy to hang around your neck though.

Some messengers actually have two different locks that they swap out every day. They lock the good ones up on the way to work and change them when they go home at night. They use the lighter ones for work and the heavier ones for tooling around or vice versa.

I think I have written enough on this subject.
i second the armodilo but its not as safe as othersishmael
May 1, 2001 1:53 PM
i had one...dont know what happend to it...but, if you are looking to lock it up in a bad bad neighborhood for awhile im pretty sure that it isnt as secure as the small u-lock by kryptonite and if you really want safety the monster gold chain (costs 100) is bomb proof...both of them come with an insurance policy-if your bike is stolen while locked by one you get reimbursed..the big chain has like a 3000 dollar policy
i second the armodilo but its not as safe as othersThioderek
May 1, 2001 2:45 PM
That is why I said I only used it for work.

The problem with the other "insured locks" is that if the chain is cut with a power tool, all bets are off. Your best bet is getting your bikes added onto your homeowners or renters insurance. Its covered no matter how they break the lock. I never even bothered to send in my insurance card for my Krypto Lasso (New York Rated) because I had better coverage with my renters insurance-it was a waste of time.
so if its cut with scissors you get the moneyishmael
May 1, 2001 2:53 PM
no power tool policy, really? thats going to check with my sources on that..
re: Hey bike messengers!!!!!(Lock Question)Thioderek
May 1, 2001 3:26 PM
One other thing about the Armourdillo, it made an awesome weapon since you could yank it off your neck in an instant because it wasnt locked. I took out more than one cab and car service drivers window with it. It has the performance of a mace when swung about the head.