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hybird bikes(4 posts)

hybird bikesbelcher
Apr 30, 2001 8:09 PM
need some help with hybird bikes in the 500 to 800 dollar range. any comments or recomendations?? have looked at the trek7500/ specialized crossroads a1/ raleigh c500/ cannondale silk path 400...any owners of these bikes out there with comments??? thanks david
re: hybird bikesBQ
May 1, 2001 10:33 AM
Have you looked at Trek? My wife and I have Trek hybrids that were in that price range a few years ago. They've been good hybrid bikes.
Trek is greatOstimu
May 1, 2001 12:33 PM
I, too, have a Trek 7500 from 1998. It's been a wonderful bike for 3 years, although I'm going to replace it within the next few days with my first road bike.
That should say something, though, that the bike has been enjoyable enough to not just keep me riding for 3 years, but make me serious enough to now go spend lots more on a road bike.
I live in New York City, and the Trek has been good on the both the good and the not-so-good roads in Manhattan. It's comfortable enough that I've gone on 60+ mile rides on it, and it's never needed any work. It's light enough that I can carry it up the four flights of stairs to my apartment.
Trek has largely redesigned their hybrid bikes since 1998, but I imagine they're even better now.
Have fun!
re: hybrid bikesJohn R.
May 1, 2001 4:30 PM
I was looking at a Trek hybrid a few years ago (around $400-$450, not sure which model) - the salesguy steered me away from it to a $400 Marin San Rafael. He claimed that it was a much higher quality frame for future upgrades. I don't really know if he is right (it was lighter and had more agressive geometry) but I have loved my Marin - now with several thousand miles on it.

John R.