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newbie or shall I say fred ?(8 posts)

newbie or shall I say fred ?nitin
Apr 30, 2001 7:36 PM
I just bought my first bike two weeks ago - this is a Trek 1000 - w/ shimano sora components. OK it's probably lower than what propably 99% of the folks on this group use but I figured I'll need a training bike to understand biking before I put some serious money down.

I've started getting a slight hang of the bike but still need help to understand a whole lot of bike jargon used around here - "hood", "tops", "rollers" to be able to get more out of these discussions. Any pointers where I could look for reference whenever I feel lost?

- nitin
ask. somebody'll call you a fred, but it won't matter, and thenbill
Apr 30, 2001 8:14 PM
someone who knows what they're talking about will answer the question.
re: newbie or shall I say fred ?Skip
Apr 30, 2001 8:27 PM
Go to (
re: newbie or shall I say fred ?fuzzybunnies
Apr 30, 2001 8:59 PM
Hoods are the rubber cover on you sti(brake/shift) levers. rolers are three drums that you ride on during the winter, they're set up in a row and linked by cables. Not certain on tops. TTFN
Apr 30, 2001 10:52 PM
If you see an unfamiliar term that you suspect is a component or accessory, go to a web site like Performance or Colorado Cyclist and look up the term. You might get a hit, maybe even see pictures (worth 1000 words or so I hear).

Oh, here are some URL's in case you have no idea what I'm talking about... ;-)
re: newbie or shall I say fred ?Larry Meade
May 1, 2001 4:12 AM
Tops usually is referring to riding with your hands on the upper part of the handlebar just outboard from the stem.
Heres a source for roadie slang.OutWest
May 1, 2001 12:02 AM
Its worth checking out!
re: newbie or shall I say fred ?LLSmith
May 1, 2001 4:36 AM
I have been riding for less than a year and have picked up a ton of great info from this board. Alot of good people willing to help out with questions and problems.I think your new bike will get you anywhere its engine wants to go. Good Luck, Larry Smith